Minority Report

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Sep 21, 2015 - Nov 30, 2015




Drama / Sci-fi




Lara - Meagan GoodDash - Stark SandsAgatha - Laura ReganWally - Daniel LondonAkeela - Li Jun LiWill - Wilmer ValderramaRico - Zhane HallLily - Tina Lifford

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A sci-fi drama following a cop and a precog preventing crimes before they happen.

Based on the Steven Spielberg film, this sci-fi drama takes place in the future, where people with precognitive abilities - known as precogs - are used to foresee terrible crimes before they happen.

In Washington, D.C., it is 10 years after the demise of Precrime, a law enforcement agency used to identify and eliminate criminals before they actually commit their crime. Now, in 2065, more sophisticated crime solving techniques are used, utilizing trusted technology rather than the instincts of the precogs.

Precog Dash has returned in secret to help detective Lara Vega stop the murders that he predicts. They also search for Dash's missing twin brother while eluding those who wish to exploit their precog abilities.

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04/09/16 at 12:08pm

This was a really good show with a fine premise that I never even knew was on until after it was cancelled. I fail to understand that huge sums of money are spent on a show and then it is cancelled before it has time to catch on. Many of our classic TV shows would never have made it in this succeed in 10 min or be cancelled time. It is a shame, a darn shame. Try having faith in your actors, writers and future audience.
01/27/16 at 07:33am

The problem I have with ANYTHING is the whole, "It didn't get the viewers it needed". The medium is rapidly changing and people aren't getting their entertainment the way hey used to. I don't know ANYONE who watches television live anymore, except sports. Its frustrating to see a show like this put on the chopping block just because it takes time for a show (writers, actors) to find its footing.
Network television, although its where the money is at right now, is on the verge of dying from their own inability to adapt to the new viewers. Look at shows like Better Call Saul and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, the networks who invested in those shows signed on for two seasons before episode 1 even aired, because they know that a show needs time to grow and find its audience.
Mike C
12/17/15 at 12:25pm

A poor man's copy of the original movie with sub par writing and even worse acting. Bury it already.
12/15/15 at 04:22am

I'm sorry to see it go. I have enjoyed it immensely. It was very easy for me to follow and I liked the characters. It irritates me when I spend time with a show and learning the characters and their life challenges, only to have it pulled out from under, leaving the stories unfinished and forever hanging.
12/09/15 at 02:22pm

It really has nothing to do with confused viewers. It didn't get the numbers it needed. They don't trim episode orders on shows they plan on keeping. The show is/was "OK" at best. I actually think Wilder's acting skills are getting better. He's been in some decent stuff and done well.
12/09/15 at 11:19am

Is this show really cancelled or is everyone just assuming it's cancelled? Cause I can't find anything thats says a confirmed cancelation.
Joe D
12/07/15 at 04:58pm

I really can't understand what the problem is with following this show. IT'S futuristic, 2065, and it's about 2 brothers and a sister with different powers with seeing future deaths, but each one has something different that has to be combined to get the total killing incident. That's why they were entombed together in that tank for so many years, to solve murders before they happened. WOW!!!!!
12/07/15 at 10:40am

@Joe - Re: "who writes this show? So confusing! I had to record and watch the episodes over and over! And I'm still confused!"
Joe, those of us who fully comprehend and enjoy this show, should not be punished for your mental limitations. I won't explain that any further, as you won't likely comprehend that either.
12/02/15 at 01:35pm

Love this show. Sure, I see flaws here and there, but it is a great solid show.
11/29/15 at 10:15pm

Idk. I like this show sometimes and sometimes not. It is dull at times and boring. But other times it has a good episode here or there. Meagan Good is not great in this. The role could easily been better for another actress.
Dash is okay. He seem lonely and sad.
f the writers could write different scripts and plots thia show could really be good. It is good for boredom and playing on your phone at the same time lol.

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