Minority Report

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Sep 21, 2015 - Nov 30, 2015




Drama / Sci-fi




Lara - Meagan GoodDash - Stark SandsAgatha - Laura ReganWally - Daniel LondonAkeela - Li Jun LiWill - Wilmer ValderramaRico - Zhane HallLily - Tina Lifford

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A sci-fi drama following a cop and a precog preventing crimes before they happen.

Based on the Steven Spielberg film, this sci-fi drama takes place in the future, where people with precognitive abilities - known as precogs - are used to foresee terrible crimes before they happen.

In Washington, D.C., it is 10 years after the demise of Precrime, a law enforcement agency used to identify and eliminate criminals before they actually commit their crime. Now, in 2065, more sophisticated crime solving techniques are used, utilizing trusted technology rather than the instincts of the precogs.

Precog Dash has returned in secret to help detective Lara Vega stop the murders that he predicts. They also search for Dash's missing twin brother while eluding those who wish to exploit their precog abilities.

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11/24/15 at 11:34pm

This has to be the worst show ever came out of the theater! Bad acting! Bad scripts! I mean who writes this show? So confusing! I had to record and watch the episodes over and over! And I'm still confused! Hey FOX! CANCEL THIS CRAP PLEASE! JUST PULL THE PLUG!
11/22/15 at 02:09pm

Minority report is an awesome show you would be a fool to cancel cause I love this show every episode was epic you can't stop it now please give it a season 2 it has way more to show us we gonna find out what happens please don't cancel it is a great show give it a chance season 2 please it is epic in every way I haven't missed an episode me and my sister watch it every Monday at 8
eric sanders
11/17/15 at 06:35pm

save minority report for season two to renewed not to cancel ask the president from fox not to cancel the hit sci-fi series minority report is a good action pack show that i love just please renewed don,t pull the plug off of minority report just like the cancel of almost human save minority report and have syfy to develop the terminator and sequel tv series like the kyle reese chronicles and the ellen ripley chronicles to remember no more cancel please renewed thank you
11/11/15 at 07:25am

This could be a great show, but I don't think it will make it past the first season due to Meagan Good's performance. She overacts constantly. She tries to act serious, but ends up simply looking like she is always in pain.
Dave James
11/03/15 at 02:11pm

Tried watching this last night (11-3) after five minutes, I gave up due to lack of interest. Whatever was going on didn't seem to be anything to do with the idea of the movie. I believe this show will be DOA in a few weeks.
Uncle Dickie
10/26/15 at 11:19pm

This program had so much potential, but delivered so little. There have been no new plot lines in the last 60 years, and the techie gadgets no longer impress. A successful police procedural has to be, has to be, has to be character driven. Someone seems to have been unaware of this. The characters here are all stamped out of cardboard. It's too bad, really!
David Wood
09/30/15 at 07:01pm

Despite fascinating futuristic police gadgets and a very sexy police woman, there was no heat to the cases.
Our precog man seemed constantly overwhelmed by his visions, but I didn't give a darn.
sTone cOld
09/28/15 at 12:45pm

Liked the original movie, so was excited to watch this. Set it up to auto-record the season. After suffering through the first episode turned it off and deleted the auto-record. So dissappointed. Bad acting and over the top hand waving.
J. Frimpong Sydenstricker
09/27/15 at 01:05pm

Dave James, couldn't agree more. There's literally nothing to like about this show, and it should be gone by Halloween.
Dave James
09/23/15 at 02:14pm

Almost human was lightyears ahead of this Potboiler!

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