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Sep 23, 2015 - Apr 28, 2017




Drama / Crime




Rosewood - Morris ChestnutDet. Villa - Jaina Lee OrtizPippy - Gabrielle DennisKathy - Anna KonkleBella - Maggie Elizabeth Jones

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A drama following a brilliant pathologist who helps the Miami PD solve challenging cases.

Dr. Beaumont Rosewood is Miami's top private pathologist who performs for-hire autopsies in his sophisticated lab. He is enlisted by the Miami Police Department to help solve some of their most challenging cases by utilizing his abilities to uncover clues that others don't see.

Comments (36)

Loretta Boykin
05/17/17 at 04:04pm

Okay this is ridiculous......I cannot believe this show has been cancelled. Watching this show was at the top of my viewing list!! One of the best shows on tv today, please bring it back.
05/16/17 at 07:21pm

This was one of my favorite shows. Please put it back on air. I'm so upset because they all had good chemistry.
Stephanie Payne-McLaurin
05/15/17 at 08:53am

Please reconsider canceling this show. When networks have good shows they move them to new nights with other shows that are high in viewership for them to fail. Instead of canceling or moving this show, they should've canceled Star, Lethal Weapon reboot and Shots Fired.
05/15/17 at 08:06am

Please don't cancel this show. It is one of my favorites. I have almost stopped watching to completely and switched to streaming f because of the decline in quality programming. Except for a handful and Rosewood I consider to be included in that. Thank you.
05/14/17 at 08:06pm

This was one of the better shows on Fox. Hoping they will reconsider. I noticed that it has more stars than show that are renewed or have had the decision reversed.
05/13/17 at 12:28pm

Here we go again. Every time I finally find a show worth watching they cancel the show.
05/11/17 at 00:22am

NOOOOOO!! I loved this show and looked forward to watching it every week. I guess teamwork couldn't make the dream work after all. I will miss you Rosilla!!!
05/10/17 at 02:29pm

This is getting so old on good shows being cancelled. You cancelled good shows just to keep putting bad shows and more reality shows on. What has this world come Too? I am so disappointed in these channels
05/10/17 at 00:58am

Shame It got Cancelled, really liked the show. Can't believe it ended on a huge cliffhanger. It's a Real Shame
04/27/17 at 12:36pm

Love this show and the actors!

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