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Sep 23, 2015 - Apr 28, 2017




Drama / Crime




Rosewood - Morris ChestnutDet. Villa - Jaina Lee OrtizPippy - Gabrielle DennisKathy - Anna KonkleBella - Maggie Elizabeth Jones

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A drama following a brilliant pathologist who helps the Miami PD solve challenging cases.

Dr. Beaumont Rosewood is Miami's top private pathologist who performs for-hire autopsies in his sophisticated lab. He is enlisted by the Miami Police Department to help solve some of their most challenging cases by utilizing his abilities to uncover clues that others don't see.

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James Davis
03/29/18 at 10:29am

It must be a fox show. Only Fox would cancel a show because the leads are people of color. Just like their news they are skewed.
02/11/18 at 06:08pm

Oh no! I loved Rosie! I want it back too!
02/05/18 at 05:56pm

Why are all the wonderful tv shows canceled... Hello TVNetworks STOP
01/02/18 at 01:17pm

You have got to be kidding me!!! This is just not far at all. Everyone I speak with just love this show and when I mentioned to them that is was to be cancelled, they were really hurt. I can not believe that you really are cancelling. You have to remember that a lot of people have kids and they tell me they love she show but missed it because of activity with the kids. Forget to set the recorder and therefore the ratings mey suffer a bit. But two years is not enough time to see that the show is really great... Please being it back!!!
11/06/17 at 11:35am

I loved the show. Please bring it back.
09/20/17 at 02:14pm

Great show but that beautiful Latina plus the handsom black man as the principals was a bit too much for some folks, too bad...
08/28/17 at 01:50pm

I loved Rosewood! I was a faithful watcher every week! FOX has become the new ABC/NBC when it comes to canceling shows. Come on FOX-ABC-NBC--Give the 30-60 age group people something to watch besides those horrible reality shows.
08/19/17 at 08:03pm

How can you cancel this?! It was getting sooo good. Ugh they never even give shows a chance anymore
06/17/17 at 05:32pm

Cancelling such a fantastic show-can't believe it! Please bring it back!
06/17/17 at 03:41pm

Really?????? please bring this show back!!!! We loved it. Such great characters...all unique with great chemistry!!!!! I am so sad and upset......

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