Scream Queens

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Sep 22, 2015 - Dec 20, 2016




Comedy / Horror




Chanel - Emma RobertsDean Munsch - Jamie Lee CurtisHester - Lea MicheleChanel #5 - Abigail BreslinGigi - Nasim PedradWes - Oliver HudsonGrace - Skyler SamuelsZayday - Keke PalmerChanel #3 - Billie LourdPete - Diego BonetaChad - Glen PowellEarl - Lucien LaviscountDenise - Niecy NashBoone - Nick JonasChanel #2 - Ariana Grande

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A comedy-horror following a sorority that becomes the target of a serial killer.

New student Grace has just arrived at Wallace University, eager to join the Kappa House Sorority, which is led by its queen 'B', Chanel. When anti-Kappa Dean Munsch rules that sorority pledging must be open to all students, rather than just the school's elite, all hell breaks loose.

What appears to start as a normal night takes a terrifying turn. After an "accident" occurs during a pledge initiation, the girls find themselves under attack by a mysterious killer who wreaks havoc by taking them down one by one.

Comments (22)

07/10/20 at 07:31pm

Wish they would bring this show back.....
Robert Giffon
05/22/17 at 09:55am

We got our own bunch of local rag-tag scream-queen wannabes, who are nothing but cream-n-scream sluts.
michael dobey
05/15/17 at 04:05pm

It was really good the first season. The second season seemed to be more of a struggle. NOW it's gone.
10/25/16 at 09:01pm

Total trash and it will get cancelled after this season. This show deserves to be cut-up into little pieces and forgotten about forever.
10/18/16 at 02:58pm

I absolutely love this show. It is so campy! Emma Roberts is a great actress! She was wonderful in AHS, but this show is a better fit for her since it can "embrace" the entitlement ways as Chanel!
01/14/16 at 03:25am

I love this show please don't cancel!
The Chanel's are crazy great. Much potential for a storyline. Emma,Skyler & Abigail are so campy & over the top.
Please bring hunks Diego & Nick. Diego&billie were cute together.
Oliver Hudson was great beefcake. A Jeweled cast with two comedy queens in Nasim and Niecy. Dusted with crazy Glen, Lucien, and bracketed by the talented Keke and Ariana.
All kinds of familiar and new faces, built on a bedrock of Lea Michele and crowned by the queen of scream Jamie Lee Curtis. You cannot cancel this show!!!
01/07/16 at 12:52pm

Please keep this show. I am 61 and I love it. I have yet to meet anyone who does not love the show.
12/27/15 at 05:56am

I also love the red devil 😘😘😘😘😘😍😍 cancell show plz 😭😭😭 I will die of sadness if u do😷😷😷😷😷😷
12/27/15 at 05:53am

I love this show and I am wondering if there may be another show or episode coming up.plz let their be another season coming plz.
12/12/15 at 11:45am

Not yet... it could go either way at this point from the sounds of it.

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