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Jun 05, 2015 - Jun 08, 2018




Drama / Sci-fi




Will - Brian J. SmithRiley - Tuppence MiddletonCapheus - Aml AmeenSun - Bae DoonaLito - Miguel Ángel SilvestreKala - Tina DesaiWolfgang - Max RiemeltNomi - Jamie Clayton

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A sci-fi drama following eight strangers brought together by a mysterious mental link.

Eight people from different cities around the world become linked mentally and emotionally by an advanced evolutionary technology. Known as Sensates, they have been recruited and brought together by a mysterious man named Jonas, but are also being pursued by adversarial agents.

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08/08/15 at 11:25am

Announced on Twitter today (08/08), there WILL be a season 2 !!!
06/30/15 at 12:03pm

One of the best shows I have ever seen. This HAS to be renewed!
06/17/15 at 11:12pm

This is one of the most beautifully photographed shows on the small or large screen. It reminds me of the first few episodes of "Touch" and "Cloud Atlas". Of course it is by the Wachowskis who did Cloud Atlas and the Matrix. Just like those films it has an international cast and a mystery that incompasses time, space, and the meaning of reality. If you don't like conundrums, then you will hate this, but if you do, then Sens8 will grab you and not let go.
The brakes are off and it's a thrilling ride with great action seqences, bloody violence, nudity, beautiful bodies, sex, music and breathtaking scenery. I dare you to watch just one episode. If you do you'll want to binge them all.
06/15/15 at 10:41am

Loved this show!!!! Really cannot wait for season 2. Like Adam and Steve, I watched the season 1 episodes in 2 days and will most likely watch it all again a couple of more times while waiting for season 2. Please Netflix do not disappoint me by not renewing this awesome show.
steve m
06/12/15 at 06:25pm

I really hope they continue sense8 for season 2. Can't wait for the release date of season 2 of sense8. The critics were really wrong about this show. I have never been so glued to a show in a long time. I was so into the show I actually took a day of of work \because I was watching episode after episode until I realized it was 4 in the morning. Finished watching the whole series in two days. I loved every character in the show. Every episode was well acted and thought out. I want more. Netflix please make another season. Please!!!
Adam h
06/09/15 at 03:40pm

Awesome show just finished binge watching. Great characters and wonderful writing, should be on main stream but can't wait for two. Don't cancel this is a keeper

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