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Jun 05, 2015 - Jun 08, 2018




Drama / Sci-fi




Will - Brian J. SmithRiley - Tuppence MiddletonCapheus - Aml AmeenSun - Bae DoonaLito - Miguel Ángel SilvestreKala - Tina DesaiWolfgang - Max RiemeltNomi - Jamie Clayton

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A sci-fi drama following eight strangers brought together by a mysterious mental link.

Eight people from different cities around the world become linked mentally and emotionally by an advanced evolutionary technology. Known as Sensates, they have been recruited and brought together by a mysterious man named Jonas, but are also being pursued by adversarial agents.

Comments (16)

02/25/18 at 08:37pm

Love this show!! So diverse! Please, either bring it back or have an exceptional ending to resolve issues.
02/21/18 at 08:27pm

Love this show!! I would love to see the end of the story,and will miss all the diverse cultures and people. Please finish the story and keep it on Netflix so others can enjoy it.
09/22/17 at 08:26pm

I heard it was too expensive to film an episode.
09/15/17 at 03:51pm

What a loss. Fantastic weird storylines. Strong diverse characters. All the beautiful locations. It will be missed. All the actors are fascinating too. It had characters that appealed to everyone. There is not enough good sci-fi on tv. NETFLIX BRING THIS SHOW BACK!!
Kayla Dunn
06/29/17 at 07:30pm

06/09/17 at 06:49am

GOOD!!! This disgusting, heretical demented excuse for a show that was only made to force millennial gay ideals into in as many faces as possible.
Mason the truth teller
06/02/17 at 03:23pm

It was interesting, but it took 2 years for season 2 to come out and it was the slowest paced show on tv. I mean nothing my happened until the last two episodes of season 2 . This show should serve as a recipe for disaster. Never wait 5 years for your second and never make a story so complexed it takes 2 seasons to develops the main story. Good riddance.
06/01/17 at 12:50pm

That's to bad. I thought this was one of the best original shows on Netflix.
Sonal Shah
06/01/17 at 11:45am

how could they cancel it, its the best show, with amazing rep and acting like what the hell
07/10/16 at 07:34pm

Knew it would be wierd with Daryl Hannah. This show is garbage. Too queer to be cancelled

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