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Sep 22, 2015 - Mar 01, 2016








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A comedy that explores the personal lives of Jim Henson's well-known puppets.

The Muppets are back in primetime with this contemporary, documentary-style comedy series. In a first for Jim Henson's famous puppets, their personal lives and relationships are explored, giving viewers a look at their romances, achievements, disappointments, and desires.

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01/29/20 at 11:50pm

This is a sad commentary on what kids our kids interested in TV. If the title was the Muppets versus the dead. Or the Muppets go to hell it probably would have lasted. Long live Jim Henson!
05/12/16 at 04:26pm

Just cancelled. Dammit ABC
03/14/16 at 04:52pm

I hope ABC renews the Muppets show next season. It too hysterical. LOL!!!!
Dermot McDermott
12/30/15 at 06:29am

I love this show so much I'm terrified it'll go over people's heads and die prematurely (kinda like "Outsourced"). It gets better with every episode and is a true ensemble cast with tons of great characters, each distinct with their own personalities and quirks. My favorites are Piggy's dresser Uncle Deadly, Chip The I.T. Guy, Bobo the bear, and Sam the eagle (he's from Standards and Practices, brilliant!). All involved really got this one right, it's a flippin' scream!
10/20/15 at 00:21am

@Jim That's a very cynical and not very Kermit-like view of things. Members of the Henson family have been supportive of the series and they have absolutely no financial motive (they haven't owned the characters in over a decade). They knew him better than you or me so I trust that more than random speculation. Also, what's wrong with a company wanting to make money? Even Jim Henson built a Shrine to the Almighty Dollar. I've consistently followed the Muppets since the 70's and I think the show is pretty good so far.
10/07/15 at 04:58pm

@jvcarroll - Of course all those folks are on board with it, they stand to make a ton of money if the show makes it big. The folks who run DISNEY I'm sure would tell you what they're milking jillions of dollars from in recent years is exactly what Walt Disney would be doing were he still with us today. I Think not.
09/24/15 at 09:12am

I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode. I liked the "Office"-derived mockumentary format. "The Muppets" is destined for TV greatness.
09/22/15 at 06:08pm

@ Jim - This should answer your question.
The original Muppet Show was a parody of the 70's popular tv variety show format.
ABC's the Muppets is a parody of today's popular tv mocumentary comedy format.
Combine that with the characters going back to Jim Henson's less kiddified roots and this is exactly what he'd be doing. Even veteran performers, producers and family members who worked along side him for decades have said as much.
08/26/15 at 00:50am

the Muppets have been a round for a long think this will be a great show for family and the kids
08/15/15 at 06:22pm

This show looks like "The Office" (which I hated) with muppets.

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