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Sep 24, 2015 - Nov 19, 2015




Drama / Action




Mr. Johnson - Wesley SnipesCassandra - Charity WakefieldAlex - Philip WinchesterCal - Damon Gupton

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An action thriller following a former intelligence officer drawn into a mysterious conspiracy.

Alex Kane is a former military operative-turned-security expert who is lured into a mysterious, high-stakes "game" that tasks him with stopping large-scale crimes from happening. An organization of wealthy individuals gamble on Kane's ability to get the job done.

With a shadowy pit boss overseeing the operation, can the player take them all down from the inside and get revenge for the death of his wife?

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04/23/21 at 00:33am

Just rewatched this show. Cancelling it was a stupid decision.
05/29/16 at 09:37am

Bring it back. Highly entertaining.
05/06/16 at 01:07am

Just read that NBC is going to cancel The Player. Well it just goes to show that the dumber the program the longer it will continue. This was one of the few programs besides the CSI series that we watched. Poor decision.
04/18/16 at 03:39pm

I agree with Clayton. Can't we just follow a guy looking for answers. Instead of looking into the lives of Hollywood's goof balls. Maybe Cosby could have done a better job with NBC. We know why not.
03/26/16 at 11:17am

Really enjoyed this show, bad decision should come back
03/20/16 at 03:20pm

I just started watching the show and really got into it, I saw only five episodes and wondered why there was only five shows. I really liked this show hoping that there would be a new season. I am really disappointed that a show, which I thought was really good would be cancelled. I really wish you would put it back on giving it another chance. After five episodes which I have now have watched it is disappointing that there is no more episodes to come. Would leaving a comment make any difference on the show possibly returning. I think you need to give it another chance. I feel like this was a tease, and then a big cut off at the end. I will say, it was a good show and I want to see more of this show, so make it happen. From the other comments I have read it appears there are quite a few other people that seem to be disappointed too.
03/06/16 at 01:02pm

Sorry, sorry, sad decision!
02/16/16 at 10:49am

I didn't think it was all that good right from the start. Too much action to compensate for bad acting and predictable formula for a plot.
02/09/16 at 08:53am

If the show is good vs evil and the good are set to win in the end NBC (and all other channels) seem to want it to fail to promote the "bad guys" coming out on top
it seems to me the bbetter the show the faster they shut it down.
same with any that stand for any form of positive values
i guess the ratings go out to all the perversions and garbage
02/01/16 at 04:16pm

Nbc you are so set on the realty show and having shows that are worth watching Nbc you do not have to have reality/soap opera please one season lets see what happens

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