The Returned

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Mar 09, 2015 - May 11, 2015








Jack - Mark PellegrinoClaire - Tandi WrightCamille - India EnnengaLena - Sophie LowePeter - Jeremy SistoTommy - Kevin AlejandroRowan - Mary Elizabeth WinsteadJulie - Sandrine HoltSimon - Mat VairoLucy - Leah GibsonAdam - Rhys WardHelen - Michelle ForbesLeon - Carl Lumbly

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A drama where presumed-dead people start returning to the town they once lived in.

A small town is turned upside down when many of its local residents, thought to be long dead, start suddenly reappearing. They seem to have not aged and are unaware of their fatality.

This supernatural occurrence brings both positive and detrimental consequences with it. Families are reunited, but the returned face physical and emotional challenges when trying to resume their lives.

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Patrick J
03/09/15 at 12:09pm

Resurrection is actually the one that stole the idea from The Returned.. I'm assuming this is an English version of a French show with the same title.
03/05/15 at 06:43pm

Um helloooooooooo can we all say
What the heck???
I wont' watch it. Omar Epps isn't in it! ;)
03/03/15 at 06:11pm

ghost zombies?
01/30/15 at 10:58pm

Actually, the show Resurrection was based on a book by Jason Mott called The Returned. So...maybe A&E thinks if they change the name it won't be plagiarism?
01/17/15 at 07:10am

This show was on the Sundance channel last year 2013/2014. Entire show was in a foreign language (French?) and took place in another country. I watched the entire series way before Resurrection. Now I watch ABC's version. Same concept but totally different storyline. I will check out Sundance's website before removing from my DVR listing. It was suppose to "Return" for Season 2. Resurrection does not portray "Zombies".
01/14/15 at 07:55pm

OH COME ON!!!!!!!!!!! First we have a wonderful show like Resurrection and now this show on A&E?
Melissa M.
01/10/15 at 07:20pm

I may give this a chance but it seems a lot like Resurrection on ABC.

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