The Returned

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Mar 09, 2015 - May 11, 2015








Jack - Mark PellegrinoClaire - Tandi WrightCamille - India EnnengaLena - Sophie LowePeter - Jeremy SistoTommy - Kevin AlejandroRowan - Mary Elizabeth WinsteadJulie - Sandrine HoltSimon - Mat VairoLucy - Leah GibsonAdam - Rhys WardHelen - Michelle ForbesLeon - Carl Lumbly

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A drama where presumed-dead people start returning to the town they once lived in.

A small town is turned upside down when many of its local residents, thought to be long dead, start suddenly reappearing. They seem to have not aged and are unaware of their fatality.

This supernatural occurrence brings both positive and detrimental consequences with it. Families are reunited, but the returned face physical and emotional challenges when trying to resume their lives.

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09/16/18 at 03:54pm

Ever notice all the “return from the dead “ series never “return”
Can it be because they don’t know where to go with it ? If that’s the case the writers should just make a movie for T.V. like Lifetime does . This way we’ll have a beginning....continue.....end.
Instead we get beginning ....continue ....NOTHING ‼️
11/21/16 at 03:14pm

The French version is fantastic. The American remake was honestly terrible.
03/26/16 at 12:01pm

The French original is actually quite good and interesting and found on Netfix. This knock-off strayed and was weak.
10/15/15 at 06:53am

Sundance ruined my excitement for season 2 of The Returned! I can't get into a show I've invested time in to have a complete over haul of the cast along with subtitles!! I don't see this version lasting.
10/07/15 at 09:28pm
will return Halloween
Charles Britton
09/17/15 at 11:17am

Good news folks.Another site is saying it was picked up by the Sundance channel and premieres Nov 26
08/18/15 at 03:30pm

This show is a USA version of the French show of the same name. As with this show and the latter, they both ended the same way with no return season. As for "Resurrection", love that show, same concept but with way different storyline, loved it, sad to see that one go as well. This showed ran its course with the first season. Sorry to see the characters end, would loved to see how this came about them returning.
05/21/15 at 06:14am

Terry, it is a remake of that show!
04/06/15 at 03:58am

This is a copy of the Sundance Channel Original Series. I don't have a clue how they got away with it, other then Sundance and/or the original creators gave them permission. I know they are not the exact same story lines...but the premise is.
03/23/15 at 06:23am

I prefer Resurrection to The Returned myself.

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