Wicked City

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Oct 27, 2015 - Nov 10, 2015




Drama / Crime




Kent - Ed WestwickBetty - Erika ChristensenKaren - Taissa FarmigaPaco - Gabriel LunaDianne - Karolina WydraVicki - Anne WintersDiver - Evan RossJack - Jeremy Sisto

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A drama following two detectives searching for a pair of romantically-linked serial killers terrorizing the Sunset Strip.

When a 1982 murder on the Sunset Strip turns out to be linked to a larger serial killer case, alliances are formed between two LAPD detectives, reporters, and local criminals to solve the case.

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Annette messer
11/24/15 at 07:45pm

With every one else :/ .. I don't see why after 3 episodes this show was cancelled... I thought it was very intriguing to watch compared to all the boring crap ... I'm hoping someone picks it up!!! We the wicked city fans .. Wanna see it!!!!!!!
11/23/15 at 07:45pm

Why in the hell did you all cancel this show? It was really good. So I was reading that you all are currently filming episode eight. Does that mean there will be five more to rap up the series you all cancelled or what? If so when will they air?
Toby maps
11/23/15 at 05:02am

I don't understand why they canceled this show?! There was nothing like it on TV. Do we really need another cop, hospital or fire fighter drama? BRING WICKED CITY BACK!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!
11/22/15 at 05:22pm

I to think that abc didn't give Wicked City enought time. The main character has more to reveal, let us see the next 5 episodes!!
11/20/15 at 06:04pm

Wicked City was a good show. The casting
was wonderful. I hope that Netfix picks this series
up. .
11/20/15 at 12:07pm

I believe they cancelled this show because of the cry babies.The FB page for Wicked City had people commenting that it was glorifying serial killers it was actually based on a true story of a serial killer couple on the sunset strip and I loved the 80's theme.These cry babys would rather watch the boring crap like Dancing With The Stars it wasn't given a fair chance.Who cancels a show after 3 episodes? I hope someone else picks it up netflix is know for reviving cancelled shows like The Killing.This just sucks that network sucks! Congrats cry babys go watch your boring shows now.
carrie jenkns
11/20/15 at 10:40am

I was hooked on Wicked City from day one! Finding out is was canceled infuriated me! I'm still angry! It was a great show with so much potential! I'm hoping and praying it bgets picked up by cable or Hulu or Netflix. They are still filming up to episode 8 so why couldn't they just play the remaining episodes? It sucks that they can just pull a show like that and leave the fans in suspense and craving more! So not fair!
11/19/15 at 10:55am

Give me a break, Shark Tank reruns, get a life!!!!! WICKED CITY WAS MY FAVORITE SHOW !!!
11/18/15 at 05:01pm

I loved Wicked City and I hope you bring it back. Great show!!!!
Marty Fulgham
11/18/15 at 02:23pm

Omg I just see Wicked City cancelled ? It was just getting interesting pleas bring it back ASAP

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