Wicked City

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Oct 27, 2015 - Nov 10, 2015




Drama / Crime




Kent - Ed WestwickBetty - Erika ChristensenKaren - Taissa FarmigaPaco - Gabriel LunaDianne - Karolina WydraVicki - Anne WintersDiver - Evan RossJack - Jeremy Sisto

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A drama following two detectives searching for a pair of romantically-linked serial killers terrorizing the Sunset Strip.

When a 1982 murder on the Sunset Strip turns out to be linked to a larger serial killer case, alliances are formed between two LAPD detectives, reporters, and local criminals to solve the case.

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Becca boeck
11/18/15 at 09:42am

I was really looking forward to watching Wicked city on Tues night and couldn't find it so I go online see it was canceled. WHY ????
11/18/15 at 01:55am

Bring Wicked City back. Give it a fair chance. Three episodes... really? And replaced by year old Shark Tank,what could anyone at ABC be thinking??? Also, love Blood & Oil. My daughter & I loved watching both these shows. Hope you'll reconsider. Won't be watching ABC on Tuesday nights.
beverley O'connell
11/17/15 at 06:08pm

I loved this tv show! I was looking for it tonight on my tv guide re ABC and it was not there! So I do see here that it was cancelled! Why in such a short time...two shows? Darn. I was just enjoying it.
11/17/15 at 04:54pm

I'm extremely disappointed that wicked city was cancelled. I really loved that show a lot also I thought that the show was filled with tense suspense. I looked forward to this show every week & I'm extremely disappointed that I can not watch it anymore. I could understand if the abc network did not want the show wicked city to have a season 2 but what I don't understand is why abc had to end the show with 3 episodes why couldn't they have just showed the rest of the season. I was really into that show & now I don't know what is going to happen next!!!!!!
11/17/15 at 10:05am

I'm disappointed Wicked City got cancelled. I thought it was full of intrigue and the suspense was building. I was happy to see the character "Betty" again. Maybe a movie could be made from this plot.
11/16/15 at 09:51am

I watched two episodes. The plot was interesting, and the acting was above average, however, there were some scenes that were both dark, and somewhat disturbing.
11/15/15 at 04:33pm

This show was brilliant I can't believe it got canceled
11/15/15 at 12:35pm

definitely different but watched every episode. If we didn't like it, we have a remote and would have changed the channel unlike poor Ed and Dave who can't figure that out.
11/14/15 at 02:50pm

Wicked City was a waste of a television show and a waste fr abc and i was so happy and relieved to see it's cancellaion i know it would not make it after i first saw the trailer
Dave James
11/02/15 at 04:55pm

In the evening hours I like to relax and unwind. Why in the world would I want to see two people running around killing others? This is not entertainment in my opinion.

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