Wicked City

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Oct 27, 2015 - Nov 10, 2015




Drama / Crime




Kent - Ed WestwickBetty - Erika ChristensenKaren - Taissa FarmigaPaco - Gabriel LunaDianne - Karolina WydraVicki - Anne WintersDiver - Evan RossJack - Jeremy Sisto

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A drama following two detectives searching for a pair of romantically-linked serial killers terrorizing the Sunset Strip.

When a 1982 murder on the Sunset Strip turns out to be linked to a larger serial killer case, alliances are formed between two LAPD detectives, reporters, and local criminals to solve the case.

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11/18/16 at 11:18am

This show was way too violent, even for me, and I'm a huge fan of the Rambo movies.
09/04/16 at 09:40pm

This show was great! I can't believe it was cancelled after 3 episodes! How can you even tell if a show is going to do good or not? We loved it from the start! Stop taking all these great shows off the air and leaving the crap!!
Lori Crow
04/10/16 at 03:18pm

I did not stream Wicked until this last week. I thought it was a fantastic show, and couldn't wait for the next season to come out. This seems to be happening more often, especially with ABC. I didn't quite grasp what Wicked was about because of poor advertising. Another example, the show Missing, starring with Ashley Judd, I thought that was a pretty good show that would only get better. ABC has cancelled 2 fantastic shows because their ratings are skewed. Don't they get it, we don't have to watch the show the night it airs, because we can watch it the next week, or two weeks later. Had this been put on a weekend ,or a different time slot,I feel both shows would have been a success. We viewers needed more information on what these shows are about.I think executives are stupid in their rash decisions without looking at all of us who stream everything all at once later. Their numbers are skewed on who's watching, and how many viewers. Also,if you put it out on a holiday,or wrong day and time slot, I expect your ratings to be low that week. That was definitely a weekend show. The show reminded me of the recently cancelled show with Kevin Bacon, and that series of a serial killer. That was also a great show, the writing in the end needed to be a little better,but I still anticipating the next season. Again, some stupid executive with Fox cancelled it. PULL your heads out of the clouds and keep the good shows. Most of us like to watch full seasons all at once with Netflix and Hulu. If you have a good show, with a good script, don't cut it immediately. You need a different way of rating your shows, and different executives,who understand the changing times of a television. You got rid of a few great shows that I was excited about. You have maybe few long standing series that I watch, some that are coming close to an end. Had you placed Wicked after one of those shows,you would have had a better chance of having people watching it. I think Wicked was a hit and could have been a great success. If your advertising would have been better, I would have watched the show Wicked sooner. You put more advertising into the Family, and Quantico both shows which bore me. The name too, for some reason I had thought it was something to do with the Wizard of Oz. We are sick of your stupid sitcoms that have bad actors and poor scripting. Many of us want shows like Wicked. Shows that we can lose our self in, we can watch and be out of reality for a while. It was up there with Grey's Anatomy as far as I thought. Many many of us do not watch the first episode on your channel, we watch them at later dates hoping for more. Change your tactics,don't just go off ratings for the first three episodes. Get with it TV executives. Better yet,find Executives who understand when they have a hit, or how the new world has changed to streaming. I wish another network would pick up Wicked. Netflix,and Hulu advertise much better than other networks. I trust their opinions and in knowing when a show is a hit. Netflix, and Hulu have some of the best new shows and smart executives who know when they're a hit. Get with it other networks. Change the way you do things. In fact I suggest you change a lot of your top executives who do not understand the way the world works today with television. Get with the times and streaming .
02/28/16 at 04:10pm

SO WITH AREE WITH TOBY MAPS!!! And everyone else who thought this show didn't get a decent break! As soon as a good, different & interesting show comes on TEASE you and take it away!! Pisses me off!! GIVE THIS ONE A CAHNCE & BRING IT BACK!! I think if it had came out with FX or USA (other than NBC!) it would have had a least a chance for a FULL season!! NBC & CBS are now my least watched/recorded channels
12/28/15 at 02:31pm

I love to watch for all the new shows that come out in the spring and fall!! I may not watch conventional television, like the normal TV networks. But I do stream online all new shows and wish the networks could really tell that people really are watching their shows before they cancel them!
Len Balazs
12/16/15 at 00:05am

At least put it on Amazon Prime, so we can watch it.
12/04/15 at 02:22pm

ABC doesn't care about their viewers they care about mindless drivel and the cheapest thing they can put on and still be called a network. This show finally developed itself and unified the main characters and the idiots at ABC instead of seeing potential pull the plug instead of showing the remaining episodes and changing times and or day of the week. It could have helped to advertise it better as well. I am just about through with ABC.
Thomas Cederberg
12/01/15 at 11:05am

"Wicked City" if given more of a chance and a better time slot had the potential to be a very good show. On a network like FX it would have been a hit. Too bad it was on ABC which is more concerned with a bunch of stupid sitcoms. Hopefully somebody with brains will see it's value and pick it up so we can continue to enjoy it.
Michelle M
11/28/15 at 08:21pm

Your so right! I think another network would have advertised the show better and put it in a better time slot. Most people are in bed at 10pm on a Tuesday so of course you want have as many followers but at the same time why not at least play the whole season then make a decision. It's like a hair product I fell in love with them bam it's gone!! Now what am I suppose to watch guess I'll find a good book to read. ABC THAT WAS A SUCKY MOVE!! I NEED WICKED CITY ASAP!! PLEASE!!
Pat Bryan
11/28/15 at 08:05pm

Why did u do this ABC! Once I finally find something on tv worth watching again you all take it away after only 3 episodes!! I mean really who teases their veiwers like that. This show was getting better and better with each one. I'm so upset all you see on to is reality shows which is crap! That's why I rarely watch tv now! Since Dexter went off I've been craving another serial killer show finally found one that had a twist to it and 80's style who couldn't live that! PLEASE BRING THE SHOW BACK OR NETFLIX PLEASE PICK IT UP!! PPL WILL LOVE THIS SHOW IF GIVEN A CHANCE!!

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