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Jun 30, 2015 - Sep 21, 2017








Jackson - James WolkChloe - Nora ArnezederAbraham - Nonso AnozieJamie - Kristen ConnollyMitch - Billy Burke

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A thriller following a mysterious wave of violent animal attacks against humans.

Tensions rise after animals around the world start violently attacking humans without any explanation. Jackson Oz is a young, renegade zoologist in African who first notices the strange behavior, which is escalating to become more cunning and coordinated in nature. Soon he finds himself at the center of a race to piece together the mysterious pandemic endangering all mankind.

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10/03/16 at 08:56pm

Thanks Dave James.
@swordfish: It seems that you disagreed with my opinions, which is totally fine, but instead, you decided to attack me.
I tried to give constructive comments about a TV show, which I enjoyed but had a lot of issues that could have been avoided.
10/02/16 at 08:24am

Read the book, and was dubious about the show and the liberties it took in the plot development. However, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this show. I'm so excited about a season 3. Finally, a tv network gets it right and doesn't give up just because some people can't open their imaginations and get past a reality based concept. Thank you for not pandering to lowest denominator!
09/17/16 at 10:44am

Love the wayseason 2 ended. Was starting to have doubts, but like the new tangent.
09/14/16 at 06:39am

Why is there a season 3? This show was all set to conclude after this season and it should have ended there. Zoo was a decent show, but CBS is going to treat it like Under the Dome and jump the shark so many times that people will stop watching. Get a brain, CBS.
michael dobey
09/13/16 at 06:40pm

season two delivered. so yes, to season 3.
06/29/16 at 07:23pm

Just watched Episode 1 Season 2 -- I was waiting each week in Season 1 for a new episode. I can tell you after watching the utter crap they put out for Season 2's premiere, this is even being taken off my DVR rotation its so utterly horrible. The show, according to this new episode its going to be a complete wreck and waste of time to watch.
06/09/16 at 00:25am

Can't wait to see where they go with this new season
It is a sham they didn't stick with the original story line, there was a real message to that in the books
Scott Chapman
05/23/16 at 07:26am

I have to agree with the people who don't like this show. The writing and acting are second rate. I'm amazed that it was renewed and I'll bet a nickel it doesn't see a third season. The wife likes it for some reason so that's the only reason I'm still watching it. Usually I'm paying more attention to my laptop than the show when it's on.
Dave James
02/27/16 at 04:01pm

swordfish...Opinion's, everybody has one...even you. But yours is no more valid than anyone else's.
Shari Palmer
02/10/16 at 03:36pm

The show is entertaining, but the book is sooo much better.

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