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Jun 14, 2016 - Present






Smurf - Ellen BarkinBaz - Scott SpeedmanPope - Shawn HatosyCraig - Ben RobsonDeran - Jake WearyJoshua - Finn ColeCatherine - Daniella AlonsoNicky - Molly Gordon

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A drama following a teen who moves in with his outlaw relatives.

Joshua is a seventeen-year-old who moves in with his tough, rule-breaking relatives in Southern California after his mom dies from a heroin overdose.

But when the family, headed by the no-nonsense matriarch known as Smurf, wants to bring Joshua into the fold, he might not be ready for the trouble that comes along with it.

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Maryann Grant
12/08/16 at 04:14pm

My husband and I hope this show comes back because there are so few shows on TV that are worth watching. TNT seems to have two excellent shows on their network and it would be a shame if this show is cancelled. The acting is superb and the story keeps you guessing. We are so sick and tired of reality shows. Please keep this one.
Maryann Grant
08/29/16 at 11:13am

Ellen b is what drew me....s. Cali setting...her sons are all's entertainment's tv...that's the point...I really like the show...I like the bad ass s++t..ray Donovan..criminal to watch... Glad its renewed.
08/11/16 at 04:25pm

This show is incredible and to the last guy nobody asks you to side with the criminals. Definitely hooked and this show will be around for quite some time, I predict it is the next Big Show.
I'll Pass
08/11/16 at 07:35am

So you give me a show where I am suppose to sympathize with petty thieves? How am I suppose to root for any character who is either getting blow jobs one second then beating the crap out of the blower seconds later or screwing your "brothers" wife and killing her with the daughter in the next room,then taking the daughter with you to bury her mother and blame it on someone else and basically get away with murder or a boy dumping his cute girlfriend and screwing his fugly teacher over and over,If I were the girlfriend,Id screw his uncle too!! Just saying for Next Season---I'll Pass
08/02/16 at 10:11pm

I think this is one of the best TV shows on this season. The acting is superb. It keeps you thinking about what is going to happen next. It keeps my attention the whole hour and that is why I consider it a great show. Glad it's been renewed in 2017.
07/09/16 at 08:42am

I don't know how any reasonably intellgient person could find this show entertaining.
07/07/16 at 02:41pm

I'm really glad to see that this show has been renewed for another season. I've watched about 3 episodes so far and am hooked. The pacing is perfect. No scene goes on too long and I like all of the actors. Good job TNT!

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