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Jun 14, 2016 - Present






Smurf - Ellen BarkinBaz - Scott SpeedmanPope - Shawn HatosyCraig - Ben RobsonDeran - Jake WearyJoshua - Finn ColeCatherine - Daniella AlonsoNicky - Molly Gordon

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A drama following a teen who moves in with his outlaw relatives.

Joshua is a seventeen-year-old who moves in with his tough, rule-breaking relatives in Southern California after his mom dies from a heroin overdose.

But when the family, headed by the no-nonsense matriarch known as Smurf, wants to bring Joshua into the fold, he might not be ready for the trouble that comes along with it.

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Mercedes GT Girl
06/19/22 at 08:43pm

Love this show. But why are there so many straight people in it? I don't know why every show has to have a heterosexual couples in it. I'm straight myself, but don't need to see it on every show.
07/28/21 at 10:45pm

Nope.....ya lost me. Another season of flashbacks. No wonder its been cancelled
01/21/21 at 04:23am

When is it returning ? It’s on the “ on air “ list , but that’s about it .
08/16/20 at 01:25am

Great show but what the F is with all the flashbacks??? Every 5 minutes in the latest season is a flashback that has absolutely no relevance to the story whatsoever. Cool if its once per episode but every 5 ro 10 minutes. It makes a 45 minute show 20 minutes. F'ing annoying
08/13/19 at 08:47pm

Wow... I didn’t see that ending coming at all. J is the man! Respect!
07/31/19 at 06:57am

AWESOME! i'm team Jay he's becoming so bad a$$ not sure how this is going to play out with Janine being sick in all but i'm here for the ride!
Jayne A Vandekolk
07/25/19 at 04:58pm

Absolutely love this show!! Hope it's around a long time!
05/28/19 at 03:28pm

Hey I'll Pass, learn how to use a period. This show is amazing. TNT, please keep this show coming every year following Memorial Day.
Patty L
06/16/18 at 09:32am

Cannot believe they get rid of Bass and keep Nikki. Not a good move TNT.
Bill H
12/04/17 at 05:32am

This series is one of the best out there,please keep it coming! Great mix of characters and love the realistic family dilemas, way the go guys!

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