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Jun 13, 2016 - Sep 11, 2016




Comedy / Drama




Laurel - Mary Elizabeth WinsteadGareth - Aaron TveitRochelle - Nikki M. JamesGustav - Johnny Ray GillLuke - Danny PinoRed - Tony Shalhoub

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A comedic thriller following a D.C. woman who realizes the government has stopped working due to mysterious circumstances.

Laurel is a young, new staffer on the Hill in Washington, D.C. who learns that the government has mysteriously stopped working. It's not long before she discovers that aliens have come to earth and are eating the brains of a growing number of Congressmen and other staffers.

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Tim Vitale
09/12/16 at 01:47pm

A very good show. Good characters. Tony Shalhoub is always great. Mary Elizabeth winstead is fabulous. The comedy SiFi format is always appreciated. I watched all episodes and enjoyed them all. The premise is so close to actual DC behavior it was prophetic as well. The final episode wrapped up the story, but I still hope it's not over.
09/06/16 at 12:09pm

What did they expect? Of course the series got cancelled. Its dumb.
08/30/16 at 10:01pm

Boy gets girl (girl gets boy), et cetera, dressed up in a savvy, campy political science bubble. Great idea, well executed with a fine cast of talented folks. Who could ask for more? This past week (end of August) was an exceptional episode for a romantic comedy standpoint. Well done story plotting seasoned an achingly poignant rebounding away of the primary and secondary love interests. BRAVO!
08/20/16 at 00:10am

So, I was checking to see what Mary Elizabeth Winstead was up to, and thus discovered BrainDead. Not to spoils anything, I didn't look to see what it was about and just started watching. Well, I'm glad I did.
This show has a little of everything I like, including Mary Elizabeth Winstead. It's a mix of politics, horror, Sci-Fi, conspiracy theory, drama, and some cheeky comedy and such.
That said, I'm pretty picky, so chances are I may dump this series if it doesn't keep up with my standards. But after watching the first 3 episodes, I think it may be a winner.
If I do end up liking season 1, then I only hope CBS does not screw up and let it go, like they did with Limitless.
08/10/16 at 01:40am

I love this show! If you don't want it canceled, go to cbs's feedback page and let them know
08/08/16 at 02:32pm

This is a great show. It combines mystery, suspense, and comedy. To understand the comedy one must have knowledge of politics and a sense of humor. I hope this one lasts for a long time. Will the alien bugs win? Another thing that is funny are the songs at the beginning of each episode that recap what has happened in earlier episodes. Keep them coming. :)
08/07/16 at 03:08pm

I always liked Tony Shalupa and I loved Monk but this show is way dumb and ridiculous. I'd love to meet the people that come up with these losers. Not on my list to watch.
07/30/16 at 07:14am

Love this show! Great writing and acting. Can't wait for season two. It's a great binge watch show give it a try you won't be sorry.
Rosina Steiner
07/28/16 at 09:21pm

Cancel the Good Wife. Put a satire. That most people do not understand I call the producer exactly the name of the program Braindead. Hope that find enough people who understand satire.
07/13/16 at 02:26pm

I'm completely irritated that it keeps comparing itself to Body Snatchers which is possibly the most brilliant, scary pieces of film and social commentary ever made. This is a badly written show with stiff actors that thought it was going to be an easy hit by riding the tailcoats of the current political temperature and the loyalty of horror and sci fi fans who they clearly think must be braindead enough to watch anything.

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