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Oct 11, 2016 - Oct 31, 2018




Drama / Horror




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A horror anthology series.

Each season of this anthology series features a different story taken from the popular 'creepypasta' Internet horror stories.

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01/03/19 at 10:47am

MissJ: This season the show was broadcast for 6 consecutive nights, not weekly as has been in the past.

I still have two episodes left to watch. This was, by far, the best season of this series. All of the others started great but ultimately became unfocused and resorted to cannibalism as a lackluster shock feature. But, back to this season, The Dream Door: The whole concept of the character of Pretzel Jack was both original and fascinating. Hats off to the writers of this season.
11/05/18 at 10:22pm

Did this show get cancelled this season after the first episode before this website picked up on it? My DVR recorded episode one,but there's no info showing up beyond the first episode that aired on October 26th.
Nothing shows up in the show's info section, nor does it show up when I search for the title manually.
Freddy is my name
03/08/18 at 03:48pm

This season is so.....gross and weird. I LOVE IT!
10/03/17 at 07:41am

Great show! Hopefully it doesn't get stale and boring like AHS did.
09/26/17 at 09:08am

I'm already loving season 2. I'm a big fan of the horror genre and while I know it's not some peoples idea of horror, I really like it. I enjoy a good slow moving, non-gory, atmospherically creepy tale once in a while. This fits that bill.
12/21/16 at 11:02am

This is a fantastic show! Slow moving, yes, but atmospheric and creepy. Glad to hear we are getting a season 2. I've heard they are doing NoEnd House. I'm particularly excited about this if true.
12/09/16 at 07:22am

Great show! Can't wait for the many more stories to come!
12/07/16 at 11:45am

"I wrote better stories in 6th grade English class." Have at it then. Maybe they'll use yours. I personally loved the show. It was great. It was simplistic yet had a nice creepy vibe. Of course kids shows can be creepy in general and I hate puppets, so there's that. Glad to hear they will be doing NoEnd House. It's a good one.
Scott Triber
12/06/16 at 11:03am

Finally watched this show. I had DVR'd the whole season. Absolutely awesome! Can't wait for season 2.
Nathan S
11/28/16 at 09:40am

Great show. Glad to hear we are getting another season.

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