Chesapeake Shores

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Aug 14, 2016 - Oct 16, 2022






Abby - Meghan OryTrace - Jesse MetcalfeMick - Treat WilliamsNell - Diane LaddJess - Laci MaileyBree - Emilie UllerupMegan - Barbara Niven

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A drama following a career woman who considers moving back to her quaint hometown.

Abby O'Brien is a divorced single mother to twin daughters living in New York. After being in the big city for quite some time, Abby decides to take a break from her successful career and take a trip to her hometown of Chesapeake Shores.

While away at home, Abby must face the past she left behind, including her high school sweetheart, her stubborn father, and her esteemed grandmother. She also starts to realize the toll her career has taken on her ability to be a hands-on mother, causing her to think about permanently moving back to Chesapeake Shores.

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01/11/20 at 00:06am

I hope this show comes back again this summer (2020)! I love this show!
10/15/18 at 06:49pm

I have watched this show since the beginning. I found it engaging and interesting the first two seasons. This past season went absolutely nowhere. Boring! It filled a summer void, but maybe next summer I will watch more APrime or Netflix and catch up on other things.
02/24/18 at 07:55pm

Really enjoy this series. I enjoy the family concept. It’s nice to have s wholesome family show. An updated Walton’s series. Hope they keep it around for quite sometime
11/14/17 at 08:52am

Really enjoyed Cedar Cove, and I really enjoyed Chesapeake Shores. Really liked shores because of the big family that really loved each other and wanted to hang out together.

Nowadays series like this doesn't really exist, it's often that people who don't like their mums, have a "dysfunctional realtionship" with their families, etc., and like someone previously mention, so many series are focused on sex, drugs, or profanity, if not all. It's nice to have something easy, cosy and still really fun to watch.
Really hope it will get a third season.
Kay Perry
08/27/17 at 07:40pm

I really enjoy this production. It is nice to watch a series that is not over-run with sex, drugs, and profanity for a change.
It is a series with outstanding performers. I am glad to see Diane Ladd on screen again. It was great that she "returned" from Ireland.
My very best to the cast and crew of this entertaining story.
Thank You all,
Connie miller
07/07/17 at 04:07pm

im like the girl above me. Cancel Cedar Cove on us and loved that show. Now you may cancel Chesapeak Shores so I don't think I will stick to any more of your series. Maybe just some of your movies. I loved Chesapeke shores. Now over w/out an ending.
Sylvia cline
02/14/17 at 11:46am

Has J.L, Family Ranch been cancelled or renewed?
Cathy Weddle
12/04/16 at 11:02pm

This great show I love it please renew this show please.
10/20/16 at 06:39pm

Love this show! I really hope it gets a second season!!!
Debra Collins
10/14/16 at 05:58pm

Really good. Even my husband is hooked.

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