Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

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Oct 22, 2016 - Dec 16, 2017


Comedy / Sci-fi




Dirk - Samuel BarnettTodd - Elijah WoodAmanda - Hannah MarksFarah - Jade EsheteBart - Fiona DourifKen - Mpho KoahoGordon - Aaron DouglasMartin - Michael EklundEd - Christian BakoCross - Zak SantiagoHugo - Dustin MilliganScott - Miguel SandovalEstevez - Neil Brown Jr.Zimmerfield - Richard SchiffLydia - Alison Thornton

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A comedic sci-fi series following a detective who uses holistic methods in his investigations.

Dirk Gently is an eccentric holistic detective who has an uncanny psychic ability to find connections in just about everything. As part of his investigations he uses non-traditional methods such as following his intuition and hunches, rather than typical techniques like looking for clues and interviewing witnesses.

Along with his reluctant assistant Todd, the duo embark on all sorts of adventures, dealing with everything from time travel to energy vampires as they work to solve cases involving the supernatural.

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the doctor
11/01/16 at 03:18am

Worse than the BBC ch 4 series that was scrapped after 3 episodes a few years ago.

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