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Jun 21, 2016 - Aug 11, 2020








James - Keith DavidLady Mae - Lynn WhitfieldGigi - Merle DandridgeSophia - Desiree RossJacob - Lamman RuckerKerissa - Kim HawthorneCharity - Deborah Joy WinansKevin - Tye WhiteMavis - Oprah Winfrey

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A drama following an unscrupulous family who run a megachurch in Memphis.

Bishop James Greenleaf is the charismatic leader of Greenleaf World Ministries. He is the head of a sprawling Memphis megachurch and the patriarch of his family, who are born of the church with a strong faith that holds them together.

When the Greenleaf's estranged middle daughter returns home after 20 years following the mysterious death of her sister, it starts to unearth scandalous secrets, lies, and iniquities that have been hidden beneath the surface.

As a result, greed, sibling rivalry, and conflicting values threaten to tear the family apart at its core.

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Anthony Carter
09/23/20 at 07:05am

Thank you for this show. Five amazing seasons!!!
08/11/20 at 09:49pm

The final episode tonight wow what a farewell tremendously showing path we really need is to him the Almighty as I've said before thank you for this wonderful series I think Oprah that you've outdone yourself Mayall the staff find riches in the future and their lives continue to enrich us may your future endeavors continue to always look up and no and he is with us forever goodbye to the Greenleafs
08/04/20 at 08:49pm

I've just finished watching episode 7 of the final season of This Magnificent show looking so forward to the finale the writers The Producers the directors the actors could not have done a better show with all the chaos in our world today this is a must-see for everyone Hallelujah thank you Oprah for a wonderful show it will be greatly missed
02/15/18 at 10:37am

Is Greenleaf continuing in 2018? Very good drama...good acting, good scenery and intriguing plot.
Deborah Brown
12/08/16 at 04:47pm

really good show.

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