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Oct 28, 2016 - May 23, 2020




Reality / Crime




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A reality series following different police units on live patrol.

Hosted by Dan Abrams alongside analyst Tom Morris Jr., this series captures the patrols of a variety of America's busiest police forces in urban and rural communities.

Audiences get insight about the events in real time during a typical night's work using a mix of dash cams, fixed rig, and handheld cameras.

Comments (6)

04/06/24 at 09:29am

Of course they ended this. It just became Extremist Copaganda that no true American wanted. Only brain washed anti-freedomist were watching it.
06/28/20 at 05:30pm

Noticed COPS is still being carried on another station. I guess that station has the testosterone that A&E lost. Still haven't watched another show on A&E since they did the PC bend-over and cancelled Live PD. If Live PD comes back, I'll return to the station as well.
Amy Lou
06/25/20 at 06:26pm

Cannot believe that they cancelled this show... sooo ridiculous. Take a hiatus sure but to scrap it completely... utterly ridiculous
06/15/20 at 11:30am

HATE that this show is cancelled. I understand the situation in NA, put it on Hiatus, and bring it back.

This cancellation suuuuucks
06/11/20 at 09:16am

Number 1 show and you cancel it. Makes no sense. Could have just waited a bit then bring it back after things calm down. Very bad call for all those amazing police that do good.
L Flynn
06/11/20 at 07:28am

I am disgusted at the decision to cancel Live PD. A&E does not deserve to be on the air. My family will no longer be watching this station. Shame on you for caving!!

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