Mercy Street

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Jan 14, 2016 - Mar 05, 2017




Drama / Medical




Dr. Foster - Josh RadnorMary - Mary Elizabeth WinsteadJames - Gary ColeEmma - Hannah JamesJames - Brad KoedDr. Hale - Norbert Leo ButzAnne - Tara SummersSamuel - McKinley Belcher IIIAurelia - Shalita GrantAlfred - Peter GeretyFrank - Jack FalaheeAlice - Anna Sophia RobbTom - Cameron MonaghanJane - Donna MurphyBelinda - L. Scott CaldwellBrannan - Suzanne BertishSillas - Wade WilliamsHopkins - Luke Macfarlane

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A medical drama following two Civil War nurses from opposing sides.

Mary Phinney is a New England abolitionist, while Emma Green is a naive Confederate belle. The two are volunteer nurses are on opposing sides of the Civil War, both working at Mansion House in Virgina - a luxury hotel transformed into a Union Army hospital.

The women each face their own daily chaos during one of the most turbulent times in the nation's history.

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03/30/16 at 09:30pm

Normally, PBS dramas are great; this one, not so much. First off, with all the incredible pains to ensure accuracy that went into series like "Foyle's War" or "Downton Abbey," how is it possible that no effort appears to have been made to hire even one actor with an authentic Southern accent? It was also beyond annoying to watch the "Frank & Hot Lips" dynamic lifted from M*A*S*H and placed in an antebellum setting. "They're ruining our war!" was actual dialogue that we're supposed to accept as being period correct. Please! This is a horrible little pastiche of what a PBS drama is supposed to be and what this could have and should have been. Kill it. It's total dreck.

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