Of Kings and Prophets

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Mar 08, 2016 - Mar 15, 2016








Saul - Ray WinstoneDavid - Olly RixAhinoam - Simone KessellIsh-bosheth - James FloydJonathan - Haaz SleimanMichal - Maisie Richardson-SellersMerav - Jeanine MasonSamuel - Mohammad BakriJoab - David WalmsleyEliab - Louis TalpeAchish - Nathaniel Parker

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A dramatic soap opera telling a biblical saga of faith, ambition, and betrayal.

One thousand years before Christ, the first king of the Israelites, Saul, is attempting to unite the 12 Israelite tribes and defend his nation against enemy attacks.

Resentful, the prophet Samuel relays a message from God to the battle-worn King Saul, decrying that he destroy one of Israel's ancient enemies. But when Saul defies that message, Samuel prophesies that the Lord will rip the kingdom of Israel away from him and choose someone else in his place.

Over time, Saul realizes that his greatest threat is not his enemies, but from the young, resourceful shepherd, David. All three men end up on a collision course that stands to change the world.

Comments (5)

05/15/16 at 11:16pm

This was an awesome show and it was definitely not give enough of a chance.
04/06/16 at 04:59pm

They canceled this wonderful show after only 2 or 3 weeks. How sad. They sure don't give shows much of a chance anymore--especially if they have anything to do with religion in them. So very sad This was a great show that my Mother, husband and I enjoyed.
Anthony Boyd
03/23/16 at 05:02pm

My wife and I enjoyed this show very much and are disappointed it has been cancelled.
David Wood
03/09/16 at 06:58am

Nothing grabbed me. The atmosphere just didn't click.
Many of these Bible-based melodramas feel grubby and cheesy.
03/01/16 at 04:11pm

Saw the trailer, looks very promising. I just wonder, given that it's ABC, how they'll re-write the Bible?

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