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Jun 12, 2016 - Present






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A reality series following the titled actor as he explores biker culture around the country.

Norman Reedus is best known for his starring role on The Walking Dead, but another passion of his, besides acting, is motorcycles. In this reality series, Reedus takes to the open road and explores biker culture and history in locations across the US.

A long-time motorcycle enthusiast, Reedus travels to different cities with various riding companions to get a taste of their local bike culture and meet with mechanics, craftsmen and collectors from all walks of life.

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11/19/23 at 09:28am

I didn't know this was cancelled. This was a nice show to sit back, relax and enjoy seeing places you have never been to..
05/29/23 at 06:41pm

I didn't realize they cancelled this. I am sorry to see that. It was such a great escape show and Norman Reedus was an awesome host.
03/31/21 at 04:19pm

It is a shame that season 5 got cut short of new travels, but the recap episodes have been wonderful. We really have enjoyed all five seasons and never expected Norman Reedus to be such a wonderful travel guide and great narrator. We truly hope they bring this back for a 6th season!

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