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Nov 15, 2016 - Sep 13, 2018






Bob Lee - Ryan PhillippeNadine - Cynthia Addai-RobinsonIsaac - Omar EppsClaire - Tembi LockeJulie - Shantel VanSantenJohn - David Marciano

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A drama following an exiled American marksman trained in counter intelligence who is coaxed back into action.

Bob Lee Swagger is an expert marksman trained in counter intelligence who is now living in exile. After learning of a plot to kill the president, the highly-decorated sniper re-emerges for duty, only to learn that he is involved in a disastrous operation with ties to his past.

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Richard J. Blanco
08/10/18 at 01:50pm

What’s going on with this site no recent updates ?
10/19/17 at 03:10am

Show has gone down hill like the Change In this site,hard to read.
08/05/17 at 07:11pm

I don't know. I'm just not feeling this show. I was hoping there would be a lot more of Ryan Phillippe but the cast seems to be growing with each new episode. I will watch it for a few more weeks but with so many better new shows starting up, its going to be a hard sell for me to hang onto this one.
01/03/17 at 08:56pm

Love the show. I wasn't sure about it at first making a TV show out of a good movie with a known ending... but there are enough spin a-ways to make this a good show.
With that said.... either turn the music a lot lower or the voices a lot higher. I turn up to hear the voices and then music is so loud.. music I thought was to be a back ground noise, not front and center.
Thanks for the show
michael dobey
12/20/16 at 08:55am

The movie was really bad , and this show is sort of bad too. in a age of daily terrorist attacks, we need a show about a American fighting evil Americans? This one left me flat.
12/05/16 at 09:12pm

Great show!!! The acting is wonderful and the plot is intriguing. This is one I truly hope gets renewed.
11/19/16 at 02:07am

hope this will be better than the film
07/26/16 at 06:45pm

Show is now pushed to the fall
07/24/16 at 07:30am

According to Wikipedia, this show was scheduled to start in July, 2016, but has been postponed due to the assassinations of police in Dallas and Baton Rouge.

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