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Jul 15, 2016 - Present




Drama / Horror


Joyce - Winona RyderJim - David HarbourMike - Finn WolfhardEleven - Millie Bobby BrownDustin - Gaten MatarazzoLucas - Caleb McLaughlinWill - Noah SchnappMax - Sadie SinkNancy - Natalia DyerJonathan - Charlie HeatonKaren - Cara BuonoDr. Brenner - Matthew Modine

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A mystery drama following the strange circumstances surrounding a young boy's disappearance.

In 1983 on a fall day in Hawkins, Indiana, 12-year-old Will Byers mysteriously vanishes without a trace. His mother frantically tries to find her son, with Will's friends and the police assisting in the search.

What they find is more than anybody could have expected, and they must confront secret experiments, supernatural forces, and government cover-ups in order to bring Will back.

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07/09/22 at 00:00am

Excellent and refreshingly original concept, A-list quality acting, top rate production, spectacular effects and sound design. Exceeded entertainment and slid into captivating. Sorry so many commenters have overlooked the big picture in favor on nitpicking historical and trivial detail.
Mike F
07/04/22 at 02:56am

The 80s hair really sets it off. OK, at age 63, I can still remember sitting in a highchair with OJ and Milk on the tray - sick - right? I call it 'pinpoint memory', not eidetic, but take a pin, and hit points on a timeline - which will never be forgotten. In this story, they really did leave a long thread to pull for another season. The ride is not yet over. Millie Double B can easily do Sherlock (standing on her head) and go right back to EL (or 11). Bring it!
Chef Ceric
05/01/22 at 05:57pm

I'm a GenX'r and this show brought back both traumatic and perfect nastalgia. There were many mistakes, the crossing of 70's clothing and 80's clothing, and the kind of macho douchery in some of it. But it was a show that I was deeply engrossed in. I don't have very much time to spend for self indulgence. With my job and all. So I am very selective about what I watch. I was drunk one weekend and binge watched the first season, and it has my hooks in me. I can NOT wait until season 4 and 5 are out. What an adventure. (Fyi: The directors are douchebags for making the ending of 3 so predictable, it was like a slow constipated knock on the back door before the drop.)

So glad I binge watched this weeks before season 4 is released. I wanna find out what happens to Hopper, and see if El gets her powers back.
11/02/19 at 08:01am

Didn't like season 3 so I'm done with it.
08/12/19 at 04:19pm

I have to admit, I wasnt going to watch this show, but my husband wanted to so I gave it the first episode. I fell in love and was hooked. This kind of show usually isnt in my interest, but as a child in the 80s, and falling in love with the characters, I found myself not being able to look away and wanting another episode. Best show in a long time, and I cant wait till season 4............
07/15/19 at 06:03am

Season 3 was by far the best
Mike dobey
07/09/19 at 05:28pm

This takes place in 1983, 84 and 85. The new season , 3 , is as good as the first two. It is really awesome. Top notch all the way.
03/22/18 at 10:55am

Excellent Show.... Netflix, please don't cancel.

This 1970 Show reminds me that is the same old school as I was born.
11/16/17 at 10:21am

Really a very good show.Reminds me of better days now past.
10/27/17 at 07:35am

1 of the kids kicks the bucket?

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