At Home with Amy Sedaris

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Oct 24, 2017 - Present






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A comedy featuring Amy Sedaris applying her distinctive brand of humor to a variety of formats while showcasing her homemaking skills.

Amy Sedaris invites viewers into her home to show off her diverse homemaking skills with things like creating popsicle-stick buddies, gutting a fish, making raisin necklaces, and entertaining businessmen.

Amy uses her unique expertise to entertain guests, prepare meals, and exhibit her can-do spirit by attempting to work out personal issues.

Comments (3)

11/25/19 at 06:20am

Please bring this show back! I check this site often to see if they update this.**fingers crossed**
03/31/19 at 07:00pm

She should go back to making furniture with Todd Oldham. Who are those skeezy people on her show? Inconceivably awful!
04/26/18 at 09:01pm

You have to know Amy Sedaris comedy style to truly appreciate this. It is very twisted / dark humor. Once you do -- you love it! So glad I found this... on "Is My Show [Cancelled]"!! :-) Thank you! Watching S1 On-Demand and cannot wait for S2!

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