Blood Drive

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Jun 14, 2017 - Sep 06, 2017








Arthur - Alan RitchsonGrace - Christina OchoaChristopher - Thomas DominiqueAki - Marama CorlettJulian - Colin Cunningham

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A grindhouse-style drama following a cop who takes part in a death race in a dystopian Los Angeles.

In a dystopian future of 1999 Los Angeles, water is scarce and crime is so commonplace that only the worst violence is punished. In a city overrun with corrupt officials, Arthur Bailey is its last good cop and he runs afoul of the dirtiest underground car rally in the world known as Blood Drive.

Its a race where the master of ceremonies is a vaudevillian nightmare, the cars run on human blood, and the drivers are homicidal deviants. His only chance to survive is to partner up with a dangerous femme fatale on the twisted cross-country death race.

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michael dobey
09/07/17 at 02:40pm

I knew this would happen, (cancelled) this show pushed the envelope. But also went away from the race and then went into a revenge story featuring the lost sister. Which made the show seem to be throwing any plot twist it could at the screen. This show was not bad though. Few gave it a chance. After Grindhouse was never a big popular type of film. Maybe netflix can pick this up and really go to town with this subject.
08/26/17 at 07:42am

I hope blood drive gets renewed I enjoy it very much the only thing I wish it would go on at nine instead of dead because people go to work next morning
alot of time I watch it on demand to watch all the episodes but I love it and hope it gets renewed
07/27/17 at 05:00am

The whole point of the show is to make you laugh and gross you out. That's it. Also, there's nothing else on basic cable that has pushed the boundaries of censorship as far as this series. Admittedly, the gore and extensive bodily fluids are a bit much, but the craziness and DGAF attitude make it absolutely genius.
I doubt it will be renewed, because the lead actress (Christina Ochoa) is co-starring in CW show coming out this Fall, but imho, Blood Drive should get a second run for next summer. Maybe a new set of lead actors... except Slink. Keep that guy on forever.
07/12/17 at 08:21pm

At first I really wasn't sure a bout it. But then the comedy aspect of it caught on and I'm hooked. It's well written and like Reinhart said.. it's written by smart people pretending to be dumb.. but purposely. Give it a couple of episode before turning your back on it. You can't just watch 10 minutes and axe the series. It's like eating have an appetiser and saying the entire restaurant sucks... you gotta go thru the 3 course before you judge.
07/12/17 at 06:41pm

The first episode was... OK, but didn't really grab me.
By the second episode, the show's (puerile but surprisingly well thought-out) sense of humor started to emerge more clearly and I've been hooked since.
Unlike most shows, which feel like they're written by not-so-bright people trying far too hard to be clever, this feels like it's written by smart people pretending to be dumb in a very self-aware, tongue in cheek way.
I just can't dislike a show that features a cult of post-apoc survivors who speak entirely in 90s corporate buzzwords, even if it gives me flashbacks to working as a management consultant at the time.
Not for everyone, but make sure to give it 2-3 episodes to convince you instead of just the pilot.
06/25/17 at 08:33pm

Eric I strongly disagree this is an awesome show it's got that Quentin Tarratino feel to a bloody gore mad Max style post apocalypse world. Just it's not your taste doesn't mean it's bad, not to mention the 65 years part which means, you're probably too old to enjoy this.
06/18/17 at 06:57pm

This may be the worst TV show I have seen in 65 years. We made it through about the first 10 minutes and had to shut it off. Yet, I see that it is getting above average reviews. Just goes to show you, there's no accounting for taste.

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