Daytime Divas

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Jun 05, 2017 - Jul 31, 2017




Drama / Comedy




Maxine - Vanessa WilliamsKibby - Chloe BridgesNina - Camille GuatyHeather - Fiona GubelmannShawn - McKinley Freeman

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A satire based on the book "Satan's Sisters" by Star Jones.

Maxine Robinson is the creator and main host of the daytime television show "The Lunch Hour". While on the air, Maxine and her four co-hosts appear to be close friends, but once the cameras stop rolling, power struggles and inflated egos take center stage.

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Edan Soledad
05/26/18 at 04:42pm

I liked "Daytime Divas". It was over the top at times, but it was better than the rebooted "Dynasty".
03/17/18 at 08:24pm

I really enjoyed watching the show. I was waiting for season 2. I'm so disappointed to hear that it was cancelled, to me Daytime Divas was better than some of the soaps . Please bring back Daytime Divas.

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