Marvel's Inhumans

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Sep 29, 2017 - Nov 10, 2017




Drama / Action




Black Bolt - Anson MountMaximus - Iwan RheonMedusa - Serinda SwanGorgon - Eme IkwuakorCrystal - Isabelle CornishKarnak - Ken LeungAuran - Sonya BalmoresTriton - Mike Moh

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An action drama following the adventures of the Inhuman Royal Family.

Based on the Marvel Comics race of the same name, this series follows the adventures of the royal family as they escape to Hawaii after being splintered by a military coup.

Led by Black Bolt, the King of the Inhumans, they must find a way to reunite with each other in order to save themselves and the world before their way of life is destroyed forever.

Comments (19)

01/29/20 at 11:32pm

Superhero movies are making billions of dollars! How can we put this on television with the worst acting possible and terrible script writing! And the Inhumans was born!
01/15/18 at 03:33pm

Hello I have been reading Marvel Comics for 39 years and I love The Marvel universe and I love most of the movies and TV shows.
I was very happy to see this coming to TV I really like the Inhumans comics storyline As well as Blackbolt.
This being said this TV show was horrible!!! On every level the writing was terrible the Special Effects were terrible! And oh my God the acting was horrible!! In every episode there Where terrible continuity Errors.
They need to scrap this project immediately and Hopefully reboot it completely from scratch. This is just as bad as the most recent Fantastic Four crap fest.
Bernie Larsen
01/15/18 at 02:37pm

I actually didn't mind this show. I think the biggest complaint I have is that it just didn't resemble the comic it's supposed to be based on enough. Black Bolt is supposed to be able to fly, and have superhuman strength. And Medusa...why cut off her hair and render her completely powerless right at the very start of the series?!? Same with Karnack... hit his head and lost his powers! Loved Lockjaw, though...! I think it deserves a second chance... bring it back and make it more like the comic; a Superhero show about people with Superhuman powers...not a show about a bunch of people who have LOST their superpowers!
12/02/17 at 04:43am

I have never seen American racism. Randy please stop assuming I don't think for myself. I see what I see. You need to open your eyes
11/21/17 at 07:29pm

I'm a huge sci fi and superhero nut. I watch the show on hulu. I'm, in between on it. But it doesn't grab me. It wont be a second season. You never want to over hype a show.
11/17/17 at 07:31pm

dolly, please stop watching. American racism?
Loki is my hero
11/09/17 at 02:59pm

I love comics and watch any movie or show that is comic related so I was really excited for this show. Sadly, it's garbage. Someone stated that if you don't like sci-fi, you won't like this show. Not true. I'm a sci-fi geek and I still hated it. It had so much potential but fell flat. I've seen rumors swirling that it will not get green lighted for a second season. Not the least bit shocking. It doesn't deserve one.
11/08/17 at 05:50pm

Wow. So hostile. Take it for what it is, just an imaginative escape into a fantasy world. It's more enjoyable than 90% of the reality smut that's on.
10/31/17 at 01:05am

This has to be the worst show ever. I can't believe some of the comments praising this show!!! How could Marvel allow this show to exist!! If you like this show you may like that bootleg MacGyver show. Straight trash!!!
Martin Kelly
10/30/17 at 09:38pm

Really enjoying this show..

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