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Jason - David BoreanazClay - Max ThieriotRay - Neil Brown Jr.Sonny - A.J. BuckleyDiaz - Toni TrucksMandy - Jessica Paré

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A military drama following the lives of an elite unit of Navy SEALs.

The most elite unit of Navy SEALs are a tight-knit group of patriots with fearless dedication. This series follows their professional and personal lives as they train, plan, and execute high-stakes, dangerous missions.

The team is deployed on clandestine ops around the world, and even though it takes a toll on its members and their families, they are unwavering in their willingness to go up against overwhelming odds.

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Nudnik of Time
12/02/20 at 05:37am

If the operations are clandestine how do they manage to record them? I guess they use the same procedure as NATGEO when they record incarcerated prisoners showing off their "secret" tattoo machines and contraband, saying "don't tell the warden."
Traci Silloway
09/14/20 at 09:24pm

Hunny. Some DA decided to use a Seal Team snapshot as a "your favorite shows cancelled" title and I about set the house on fire! Say what, no ma'am! You best not CBS!
05/06/20 at 03:18pm

I saw on @SEALTeamCBS IG page the series was renewed for a Season 4:) This is one of my favorite shows now (may even be my #1).
12/12/19 at 01:19pm

This is one of the best shows on TV, it shows how much the guys give up in their personal life to protect our country. And the actors are well put together.
10/30/19 at 06:35pm

I like David Boreanaz, which was the reason we watched. But after this show tonight (Along the Watchtower), I don't think there will be a Season 4. It is out of our DVR.

Happy Viewing!
06/01/19 at 12:39pm

I love this show. I have loved David Boreanaz for as long as I can remember, however I don't think he carries the show - he does his part but the actors each play their role and are just spot on. I have absolutely no military background but I thoroughly enjoy watching military based shows! Please keep it renewed!!
05/07/19 at 01:02am

@tommyg. I a predicting she will be the first female BUD/S candidate. It is appropriate as this will soon happen in RL and will be an officer. We already have female infantry in the Army and the Corps. Females are making through Ranger school, where I personally witnessed multiple Seals dor. The first females will attend MARSOC this year or in 2020 also.
04/13/19 at 06:54pm

Can barely watch this show after they started the second storyline with the officer school candidate. Who cares? She was barely on the show hauling gear around and now we are supposed to care about her as a show runner? We just record the show and skip past the OCS school parts now. Such a shame.
03/20/19 at 08:24pm

This is the best show on TV today. Just finished watching season 2 episode 1 and even sat through the commercials. It's a show that provides an hour of real entertainment; life situations, action, romance, and suspense. Granted, there may be a few technical mistakes but I'm looking to be entertained not to see if all of the t's are crossed and the i's dotted and this show does that. Please keep it.
03/03/19 at 02:00pm

I liked "The Brave", also, but alas, it's now gone. SEAL Team now becomes my favorite.

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