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Sep 24, 2017 - Present




Drama / Sci-fi


Michael - Sonequa Martin-GreenLorca - Jason IsaacsSaru - Doug JonesTyler - Shazad LatifNambue - Maulik PancholyStamets - Anthony RappGeorgiou - Michelle YeohAnderson - Terry SerpicoHarry - Rainn WilsonLandry - Rekha SharmaKol - Kenneth MitchellConnor - Sam Vartholomeos

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A sci-fi drama following the voyages of Starfleet on the USS Discovery.

The iconic television franchise returns with a brand new crew on a new ship as they take on missions to discover new worlds and lifeforms, in a time set ten years before the events of the original Star Trek.

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02/13/18 at 01:34pm

I took a little while to warm to the show. I hated Phillipa Georgiou so I was glad that she was killed off in the first episode. The technology is greatly advanced considering it's supposed to be set before the original Star Trek. I find it a little pc but I like the plot twists, Ash being Voq, Lorca being from a parallel universe. I was completely hooked by the 4th episode. I really hope it comes back
01/31/18 at 11:41pm

Star Trek Discovery is terrific. It's developing plot twists keep me coming back to watch more. I applaud CBS for a great show, and hope for many seasons to come. For those who dislike the show, I'd suggest giving it an honest chance. The excitement keeps building and building.
01/14/18 at 08:34am

The acting is terrible on pretty much all characters but especially with Michael (Sonequa Martin-Green)! I was looking forward to the show originally as they showed Michelle Yeoh being the captain and she is awesome but then they killed her off. The having to be PC all the time, having races that are all male and sit on eggs is ridiculous. Lastly putting it on All Access just shows you how bad it really is
10/17/17 at 04:10pm

Why do people hate Discovery? Because it's a poorly written mess, that's why.
I really hope it gets cancelled soon.
10/08/17 at 07:08am

The guy below me hit the nail on the head. I've been a Star Trek fan since I was a kid, growing up with DS9 and Voyager. I love this show. My mom, who grew up with TOS and has been a fan ever since, loves this show. People are crying about this show "Not being Trek" and refuse to watch it, and then the same people are gonna cry about it being cancelled when that happens.
Suck it up. We finally have some great SciFi after years of mediocre shows, in Discovery and The Expanse. Enjoy it, rather than moaning about every little detail.
10/03/17 at 02:35pm

To all you snobby Sci-Fi fans who can't get into this because of your petty issues: your missing out!
After many years of crap, we finally get some quality Sci-Fi with Discovery, The Expanse and Westworld.
Enjoy it all while you can..
Joe Blow
09/28/17 at 06:38am

The real question here is... can Discovery pull off hugging the donkey?
09/24/17 at 06:37pm

Also note: I watched on normal network channel, delayed by NFL. Not very impressed so far, though far better than Fox's semi copy cat Orville!
09/24/17 at 06:22pm

Why did they feel the need to change the Klingon appearance again? The first time was understandable.
09/24/17 at 02:18pm

I agree with Raphael, but unfortunately think Dan is right.
I've been re-watching Enterprise because I have missed Star Trek so much, but with this being CBS All Access and not available even through normal cable subscription just leaves a bad taste in my mouth for CBS and the way they are going about this.

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