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Sep 24, 2017 - Present




Drama / Sci-fi




Michael - Sonequa Martin-GreenLorca - Jason IsaacsSaru - Doug JonesTyler - Shazad LatifNambue - Maulik PancholyStamets - Anthony RappGeorgiou - Michelle YeohAnderson - Terry SerpicoHarry - Rainn WilsonLandry - Rekha SharmaKol - Kenneth MitchellConnor - Sam Vartholomeos

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A sci-fi drama following the voyages of Starfleet on the USS Discovery.

The iconic television franchise returns with a brand new crew on a new ship as they take on missions to discover new worlds and lifeforms, in a time set ten years before the events of the original Star Trek.

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05/30/24 at 08:36am

Seeing all the triggered right-wing snowflakes in the comments is hilarious. Star Trek has ALWAYS been "woke"; always been about equality and diversity.
How sad to build your lives around hatred and bigotry.
04/11/24 at 05:26pm

trying to love this show. i just keep tripping on her name. Michael. wtf? yet no male gets called a traditionally female name. and the plot seems unnecessarily convoluted. did I iss someyhing about Spock? this version of him bears little resemblance to the original character - hard to see how he went from this to the Leonard Nimoy portrayal. overall, just can't get excited about it.
04/04/24 at 06:46pm

This show is absolutely awful. They boldly went where no one had any interest in them going.
04/04/24 at 11:25am

Oh thank god this is the last season this complete shitshow will waste an hour of the tv schedule each week. THIS IS NOT STAR TREK.
Just Keith
04/04/24 at 06:03am

Star Wreck - (D)iscovery
jim beam
03/14/24 at 05:57am

started good but became so woke etc its mnore about your feelings than space and discovery...join us on star treak fleet command the game and get the real star trek feeling....
08/27/23 at 08:39pm

I've just watched the S3 episode "pat" on 3/22/21 was speaking of. The request for the Trill person to be called "they" did come-off so-21st century, as they're now somewhere around the 33rd century at this point. Sometimes, the various individuals' sexualities and relationships seem over-played.
Overall, the series is good and I still need to finish S3, then S4, before (or if...) S5 gets filmed and released next year (2024, but there's a SAG-AFTRA strike in progress as I'm typing this).
03/14/23 at 09:11pm

All the tropes listed (Spore Drive, Time Travel, people having relationships) belong in the show.

We do need high-concept morality plays and whackydoodle hope. That part mystery, part will they do the right thing? bit. That's what makes it Star Trek, not Star Trek lite.

Writers? Best speed. Make it so.
12/02/21 at 03:58pm

The main characters are supposed to be soldiers yet most everyone makes decisions based solely on emotion. Michael cries or comes close to crying EVERY episode. They actually do a disservice to the feminist and gay agendas by propagating stereotypes of hyper-emotionality and a serious lack of logic, just to show that the writers are "woke". Another wasted opportunity.
Ernie W
10/17/21 at 09:03pm

Well this really sucks! Another descent show I wouldn't be watching. :-( Stupid streaming services. Pay for cable/satellite TV, then pay for streaming services like Paramount, Disney, Netflix, etc.
Doesn't look like it will be on CBS as it was

The season will premiere on the streaming service Paramount+ on November 18, 2021.

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