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Sep 24, 2017 - Present


Drama / Sci-fi


Michael - Sonequa Martin-GreenLorca - Jason IsaacsSaru - Doug JonesTyler - Shazad LatifNambue - Maulik PancholyStamets - Anthony RappGeorgiou - Michelle YeohAnderson - Terry SerpicoHarry - Rainn WilsonLandry - Rekha SharmaKol - Kenneth MitchellConnor - Sam Vartholomeos

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A sci-fi drama following the voyages of Starfleet on the USS Discovery.

The iconic television franchise returns with a brand new crew on a new ship as they take on missions to discover new worlds and lifeforms, in a time set ten years before the events of the original Star Trek.

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Texas Transplant
10/05/20 at 09:39pm

Watched Discovery for the first time on Broadcast TV last week.

Good special effects, but that's where it ends. Discovery is way too PC, too "woke". I will not watch the next broadcast episode and definitely am not going to pay $6 a month to view this "social statement" wrapped in what used to be a good Sci-Fi series.

Like the NBA, who's viewership is gong through the floor, CBS will learn that people just want to be entertained, without political statements or lectured to.

I'm gone.
George Clarke
03/24/20 at 01:13pm

My favourite Star Trek show. Great acting. Absorbing episodes.
Can't wait for its return.
10/16/19 at 00:40am

The show is moved to another streamer, to be released next year.
Loki D
05/26/19 at 03:28pm

This show is such drivel. They only renewed it to appease the PC audience they made it for in the first place. Enterprise was 10 times better than this crap on a stick. So glad when it gets cancelled as Michael - Sonequa Martin-Green sucks as an "actor" and that is 90% of the problem with the show since she is supposed to be the main character. Lastly you know it must be bad if they win't even put it on the regular line up and it is all access only.
05/09/19 at 11:25am

Hey y'all gotta admit Sasha is really good on the show. I thought that since she was on TWD.
Just Keith
04/28/19 at 02:13pm

Get rid of the Spore Drive.
Get rid of Time Travel
Get rid of ALL of the relationships.
And get back to some ORIGINAL Star Trek!
04/20/19 at 01:59pm

Just saw finale of Season 2. Good. They wrapped it up nicely. Eliminated any more nonsense about spore drives or time suits. Can we now please get this show cancelled. This seems a good stopping point. This wasn't Start Trek. It was a hot mess. Let's start one of those campaigns to keep a show on air -- except this will be a campaign to cancel the show.
03/10/19 at 10:08am

I have watched every episode of every Star Trek series many times over,and this one is by far the worstof them all. People sais Enterprise was bad? It crushes this one. All the stupid Klingo talking in their own language is stupid and unnecessary. The gay thing is frankly unwatchable. I only gave it a 1, a zero would be mire deserving.
01/17/19 at 09:25pm

THAT is how you do a season premiere. Orville can learn a few things from this.

@Bob with a "B" I agree this is gonna be a great season for Discovery
Bob with a "B"
01/17/19 at 06:27pm

The season 2 premiere was awesome. So happy this show is back. Its gonna be a good season and hopefully get renewed for a third season too.

Meanwhile the ratings for the first 3 episodes of The Orville season 2 have been awful. I highly doubt that one will get a third season.

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