The Blacklist: Redemption

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Feb 23, 2017 - Apr 13, 2017




Drama / Crime




Tom - Ryan EggoldScottie - Famke JanssenMatias - Edi GathegiTawny Cypress - NezDumont - Adrian Martinez

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A spin-off of The Blacklist following some of its infamous criminals on a mission to regain their self-worth.

Some of the world's most elusive criminals from Raymond Redington's infamous Blacklist join forces as an elite mercenary team that works to solve problems governments won't touch.

At the forefront of the new team are its brilliant leader Susan "Scottie" Hargrave, undercover operative Tom Keen, and lethal assassin Matias Solomon. Each seeking redemption for their past wrongdoings, the team members aim to right wrongs and be a force of good as they undertake almost-impossible missions.

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The Last Gunfighter
12/28/17 at 10:34am

NBC had to have been high on something if they thought this crap would take off like gangbusters. What a disappointment. I stopped watching after the first two episodes.
06/11/17 at 01:39pm

If this show had just stuck to a bunch of previously bad guys now being the good guys going after bad guys, the show would have lasted. But all this mother versus father garbage killed the show.Two-thirds the way through the season, it was obvious that storyline was going to be the death of the show.
Michael J. Beninate
05/31/17 at 12:54pm

When Tom showed up without his tattoos on The Blacklist it bothered me. When he went undercover for Reddington he got full body tattoos. Laser removal leaves scars and discoloration. Tom has none. Redemption started well but went flat fast. I hung in for six episodes before dropping it. Maybe someday I'll watch the remainder of the first season. The idea that Scotty isn't the original seems plausible due to the Russian town that trains people to replace others. We got to see her alone and grieving. Why would an impostor do that? If she was put in place before Tom was born then that would explain it but I don't know if that was the case.
michael dobey
05/12/17 at 03:31pm

Well. this is sad. I love the blacklist. But then James Spader is sooo good in anything he acts in that the Blacklist is on for as long as he wants to do it probably. But this show didn't have much of a chance I guess.
05/12/17 at 11:45am

OK! This is too funny!
04/29/17 at 03:29am

I absolutely love this show! Its almost like Leverage meets Snatch(the movie). I hope they renew it!!!! I love the cast, i love the story line. Yes, it is a totally different dynamic than its predecessor, but thats what gives it its edge. Its awesome!
04/15/17 at 11:35pm

If they where going to do a spin off should have been sooner. I watch it, don't expect it to be renewed. could have changed and or added a character or 2, and yet its still better then taken.
04/13/17 at 09:08pm

I enjoyed this show. One must not try to compare it to the original. They are both different shows with different storylines. If you can do that, you will enjoy both shows. Although, personally, I do enjoy the original more!
04/07/17 at 10:24am

You are right Cris, this show is boring. Personally, I think it is because it lacks the witty lines of James Spader. His persona is what interested me in the Blacklist to begin with, only because he still reminds me of his character Alan Shore from Boston Legal. I would never have stuck with it if he wasn't in it. This spinoff is dry and I have trouble staying awake while attempting to watch it.
03/10/17 at 11:03am

Is it me or does anyone else have trouble getting interested in this show? I had such high hopes but it doesn't grab my interest. And yes I know its not like the blacklist (as it shouldn't be anyways) but the writing and acting isn't up to pare with what I was expecting. Also as much as I love the character Scottie, she can't handle being the lead that well. Matias needs to be the stronger lead. He was one of the best villains we had on Blacklist and now he is doing one liners and sharing stories with Tom. He isn't being utilized like he should be.

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