The Mist

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Jun 22, 2017 - Aug 24, 2017


Sci-fi / Horror




Eve - Alyssa SutherlandJr. - Gus,Isiah WhitlockZoe - Holly DeveauxAlex - Gus BirneyJay - Luke CosgroveRaj - Nabeel El KhafifWes - Greg HovanessianKyle - Romaine WaiteMia - Danica CurcicBryan - Okezie Morro

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A sci-fi thriller following a town that is enveloped by a mysterious mist.

After a family is torn apart by a brutal crime, an eerie mist rolls into their small town and isolates its residents from the rest of the world. Family, friends, and even adversaries must now band together as the rules of society break down, in order to battle the mysterious mist and the threats it brings.

Based on a story by Stephen King.

Comments (14)

Patrick Coston
12/01/19 at 09:14pm

I just can't get enough Mist! I thought it offered some interesting insights into The Mist that we didn't get from the novela or movie. I was looking forward to Season 2. Hopefully some other streaming service picks it up!
07/12/18 at 05:55pm

Started watching episodically. Tuned out after episode 2. Decided to give it a second chance. Binged the rest. Loved it by binging. It was not a good show to watch episodically. I understand the cancellation. It certainly was not Stephen King's The Mist, rather a TV show about human nature and oh yeah there's mist everywhere. I hated everybody so I'm glad most of them died.
Jay Davis
02/18/18 at 08:29pm

Hopefully Netflix will pick this up
10/18/17 at 09:17pm

Found the show to be interesting.... disappointed in cancellation
09/15/17 at 07:39pm

I like The Mist. So far, it has been interesting and full of surprises. It isn't at all predictable. Almost I am afraid to say I like it because every time I like a show, it gets cancelled. Better luck to The Mist, I hope.
09/08/17 at 05:04am

cancel this please its dire, same old story and we still know nothing about why the mist all we see is people fighting each other every week its boredom if this gets renewed ill eat a scotch bonnet without
09/04/17 at 03:35pm

Just yes.
08/25/17 at 06:30pm

I want another season but I want it to get better.
08/18/17 at 07:29pm

Just no.
08/07/17 at 12:39pm

This show is weird and totally different from the book....but I actually like it. However I do agree with Gabbie. They need to get rid of the mom. Seriously can't stand her character. Not that any of the characters are particularly likable because they're not, but she is the worst of them all.

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