A Million Little Things

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Sep 26, 2018 - May 03, 2023








Eddie - David GiuntoliJon - Ron LivingstonRome - Romany MalcoMaggie - Allison MillerRegina - Christina MosesAshley - Christina OchoaGary - James RodayKatherine - Grace ParkDelilah - Stephanie SzostakSophie - Lizzy Greene

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A drama following a group of friends whose lives change after one of them suddenly dies.

A group of friends from Boston have known each other for 10 years since unexpected circumstances brought them together. Since then, some have achieved success while others ended up struggling in their careers and relationships; but all of them feel stuck in their lives.

After one of them unexpectedly passes away, it ends up being the wake-up call the others in the group need to finally start living their lives to the fullest. They also realize that their friends may be the one thing to save them from themselves.

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09/22/18 at 10:06pm

For those of us old enough to remember "The Big Chill" from 1983, this is just a poor mans copy. The acting is so so and the people are wimpy. I don't even give it a full season.
09/05/18 at 09:54am

One season, then canceled.

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