A Million Little Things

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Sep 26, 2018 - May 03, 2023








Eddie - David GiuntoliJon - Ron LivingstonRome - Romany MalcoMaggie - Allison MillerRegina - Christina MosesAshley - Christina OchoaGary - James RodayKatherine - Grace ParkDelilah - Stephanie SzostakSophie - Lizzy Greene

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A drama following a group of friends whose lives change after one of them suddenly dies.

A group of friends from Boston have known each other for 10 years since unexpected circumstances brought them together. Since then, some have achieved success while others ended up struggling in their careers and relationships; but all of them feel stuck in their lives.

After one of them unexpectedly passes away, it ends up being the wake-up call the others in the group need to finally start living their lives to the fullest. They also realize that their friends may be the one thing to save them from themselves.

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10/26/18 at 08:15pm

Absolutely love the show. They are dealing with a controversial issue every week. It takes some thinking on the audience's part, maybe some people don't want to think. I hope it lasts for several years!
10/24/18 at 03:01pm

I like the show but the story lines need to worked on, dying cancer
girl not a great fit for a show about a suicide, too many downers. there has to be an upbeat or everyone will quit watching. TV is all about escaping our daily lives, why would I want to watch a show that is all doom and gloom? Show me the positive side, show me the hope that things are getting better. At the current rate the whole cast will commit suicide and the show will end.
For those survivors of a family suicide; you know this show is wrong. First all your friends abandon you because they can't cope and don't know what to say to you. Then you get strong and build a new life. But many steps occur between the beginning and end,they are repeated a many of times in no set order. Not sure this makes for good TV as it is heart wrenching to go through and even tougher on those of us who help the grieving deal with their struggle to find normalcy.
Maybe with better writer who understand the subject this show could be something, could possibly help if done correctly.
Sarah M
10/16/18 at 01:01am

I like it and I like seeing James Rodney on Tv again so those of you that don't like it can just Suck It... lol.. Psych reference if your a James Rodney fan you get it the rest can Suck it.. I kid again but I do like the show. I really hope it doesn't get cancelled but usually the shows I like eventually get cancelled. I am rooting for the show to make it full season to start...
10/11/18 at 12:24pm

I agree - episode 2 was really bad (*yawn*) and I won't continue watching. If they drag out why Jon killed himself until the very last episode, then this show will probably get canceled.
10/07/18 at 10:29pm

I like it...four stars.
Laura Fox
10/06/18 at 04:49am

Episode 2 "jumped the shark " for me.
10/04/18 at 09:12am

I disagree. I think the show has some interesting twists and I enjoy the intermingling of the characters lives. If every single show had to meet everyone’s standards of excellence, there will be no second seasons. Give it more than an episode or 2 to build the characters.
10/03/18 at 05:07am

This might not make it to mid season - endless promos of how heartfelt this show is- sadly it falls short in the actual storytelling - too bad was looking forward to familiar faces returning to tv
David Wood
10/01/18 at 07:20am

Nothing special. A lot of uninspired lip-flapping. Didn't really care one of them took a dive into city concrete.
09/26/18 at 05:26am

They would not even have remade "The Big Chill" if "This is us" was not on. It's ultimately just a clone of that show.

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