A Million Little Things

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Sep 26, 2018 - May 03, 2023








Eddie - David GiuntoliJon - Ron LivingstonRome - Romany MalcoMaggie - Allison MillerRegina - Christina MosesAshley - Christina OchoaGary - James RodayKatherine - Grace ParkDelilah - Stephanie SzostakSophie - Lizzy Greene

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A drama following a group of friends whose lives change after one of them suddenly dies.

A group of friends from Boston have known each other for 10 years since unexpected circumstances brought them together. Since then, some have achieved success while others ended up struggling in their careers and relationships; but all of them feel stuck in their lives.

After one of them unexpectedly passes away, it ends up being the wake-up call the others in the group need to finally start living their lives to the fullest. They also realize that their friends may be the one thing to save them from themselves.

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Matthew G
07/20/23 at 08:58pm

I seriously, absolutely, LOVED this ABC drama. It was one of my favorite dramas on T.V. Please revive this, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
Billie L.
05/06/23 at 02:07pm

WOW, what a ending. Both tears and smiles. One of the best endings to a series . Watched it from day one, did have its ups and downs but was still worth my time.
02/28/23 at 04:29pm

Last year we struggled to finish the season, because of the "woke" pandering to all the social issues under the sun. This year we watched the first episode (yawn) and we had to break the second episode into to session because it was both boring and infuriating (Gary goes and steals a candy bar, instigated by a young adult, instead of taking the opportunity to teach some positive behavior?? What happened to "woke" here?...). My husband is ready to pull the plug even before the season finale. I am willing to give it ONE MORE TRY. After that, bye bye, and please writers and producers, come up with something better than what you have produced in these last few seasons, overall!
01/31/23 at 07:11pm

My wife likes the series. I really don't find it interesting. I did like Stephanie Szostak's character a bit, but she left the series and she alone couldn't make up for all the other characters, which I just didn't care for or like.
05/05/22 at 11:37am

So I’m sitting up here in Canada waiting for my show to come on and turns out it was moved to a different channel and I missed most of this season! Thanks for letting me know. It moved to W for anyone interested! Trying to figure out now how I can watch missed episodes
04/28/22 at 06:03pm

10/01/21 at 08:47am

What is with the stupid narration in the newest season, very irritating if it continues I’m done watching it.
05/03/21 at 02:22pm

Love the show as is but, disappointed they are pulling the SJ into it. We see that 24/7. Shows are escapes need a break.
06/28/20 at 04:20pm

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz, boring needs some action. Cancel please.
03/07/20 at 11:09am

I understand the concept of MLT but they do copy the day time soap opera scene transitioning from scene to scene. I wish they would switch between scenes once then rotate back to finish it. It is very annoying for one scene to be broken into 3 or 4 mini scenes. This is the main reason I'm on the fence to continue on after this season.

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