Alone Together

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Jan 10, 2018 - Aug 29, 2018








Benji - Benji AflaloEsther - Esther PovitskyAlia - Ginger GonzagaVivian - Alicia Hannah

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A comedy following two friends who have each other's backs... and nobody else to hang out with.

Friends Benji and Esther are two millennial misfits who come from different backgrounds. Together, they attempt to make their way into the narcissistic and status-obsessed culture of Los Angeles.

Through their ups and downs, they find salvation in their strictly platonic friendship and knowing they each have the other's back along the way.

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01/20/19 at 03:48pm

Didn’t really care for the show after a few episodes (considering Esther is a complete airhead), but I’m not really one to stop watching after a few episodes of a show. I’ll finish it and then decide whether to watch the next season. In this case, I decided not to watch Season 2. I’m kinda happy Freeform canceled it.
08/16/18 at 09:51am

Why do you networks push blacks paired up with whites so much ? Can't a white go with a white and a black go with a black ? Is there some unwritten rule why you see this especially in commercials.
10/27/17 at 07:48am

two millennial =

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