Burden of Truth

- Cancelled -
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Jul 25, 2018 - Mar 18, 2021


The CW


Drama / Legal




Joanna - Kristin KreukBilly - Peter MooneyDiane - Nicola Correia-DamudeBen - David Lawrence Brown

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A drama following a lawyer who takes on an important case in her small hometown.

Joanna Hanley is an up-and-coming corporate attorney who returns to her hometown of Millwood, a prairie town with an industrial past, to represent a major client in a case against a group of sick high school girls. But after winning the case handily, Joanna learns that the girls are actually sicker than previously thought.

Unable to shake the feeling that something in her life is not right, she realizes that all the answers she's looking for can be found in her old hometown. And if she's going to fix herself, she has to start where it all began – with uncovering all of her family's deep secrets.

Comments (12)

Steve S.
07/30/21 at 01:26am

Did it ever ease off of its woke agenda?
Parish J
01/01/20 at 10:59pm

Pissed me off! Last season, half way through.....directv losses the CW. Now that it is been back shortly before Football season, they didn’t show it on demand!
12/05/19 at 01:13pm

I just started watching the show and it's definitely good. The story is interesting and compelling. Great acting... It's Kristin Kreuk.. come on.
Parish J
10/07/18 at 09:39pm

I don't get it, 10 episodes including the season finale....so has it been cancelled?
09/15/18 at 02:18pm

We love this show!!
07/25/18 at 05:42pm

Just watched episode 4 its well worth watching getting better each episode
Steve S.
07/25/18 at 00:38am

There’s 10 or 20 comment reviews at imdb.com. Most either loved it or hated it - even split? It sounds to have progressed slowly but I plan on watching at least first episode.
07/24/18 at 03:00pm

Was it any good?
07/23/18 at 09:34am

This show aired in Canada in January, will debut in the US soon.
Moses Kuria
07/16/18 at 06:40pm

Anything with kristin kreuk should be good.

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