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Aug 07, 2018 - Dec 20, 2019


Drama / Crime




Harley - Jerry O'ConnellSam - Sydney Poitier HeartsongDave - Kristian Bruun

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A drama following an actor who uses his acting experience to solve actual crimes.

Harley Carter is an actor who, as a teenager, became famous after solving the mystery of a serial killer in his small town.

Now he makes his living in Hollywood playing a grown-up version of what he was as a kid - but it's getting old. After experiencing an embarrassing public meltdown, Harley returns to his home town but finds that he can't leave solving mysteries behind.

Utilizing his acting experience, Carter becomes a real-life detective and partners with a police veteran and a street-smart coffee truck owner.

Comments (3)

06/22/19 at 08:37am

Very likable show and characters. Glad its not cancelled.
09/12/18 at 07:18pm

I like it and would like to see it renewed. I also like Take Two and Private Eyes...both with a similar format. Here's hoping!
09/02/18 at 00:26am

The basic premise of this show is rather contrived and it's nature makes it easy to compare to Castle and Take Two. It's a fun show. Personally I think it's better than Take Two. It's lighthearted and funny in a time when most shows are just stupid and boring.

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