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Oct 14, 2018 - Jun 10, 2022


The CW


Drama / Fantasy




Melanie - Melonie DiazMaggie - Sarah JefferyMacy - Madeleine MantockGalvin - Ser'Darius BlainNiko - Ellen TamakiHarry - Rupert Evans

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A drama following three sisters who discover they are powerful witches.

Mel and Maggie are sisters who grew up believing that family is everything. But after the death of their mother, the world they knew is shattered. On top of that, the girls find out they have an older sister named Macy who their mother kept from them.

With all three sisters now together, each of them suddenly exhibit strange new abilities. Mel is able to freeze time, Maggie can hear other people's thoughts, and Macy has telekinetic powers. They soon find out they are The Charmed Ones - powerful witches just like their mother was. And their new mission is to protect humankind from the demons that walk among them.

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01/03/21 at 01:05pm

The reboot of Charmed started a little shaky with season 1, but I gotta say season 2 is much much batter. I'm hopeful for the show and I think it has potential to get very far if the network allows it.

I know it's not often the the second season is better for shows where first season is not as good, but for those criticizing the show, I implore you to give it a shot and stick with it as Season 2 is exceptionally good and you won't be disappointed. You can tell the writers are taking notes of the feedback being given by the viewers and fixing things.

Also I feel the new take in making the show a lot darker than the original is not only intriguing but it allows for a lot more story to take place. The show is advancing its story line much quicker than the original and for that I'm extremely excited.
michael dobey
04/17/20 at 10:46pm

This got better for sure. By the end of the first season it had established itself in it's own world and starting doing very little p.c type storylines. Instead it's about them battling evil and yeah they have boyfriends and girlfriends and such but that was reality in the past if they didn't show it then nonetheless. IT's very good this season and most of last season, even if they can't shoot the last few episodes due to the virus plague.
Parish J
01/23/20 at 06:16pm

This series should’ve never of been redone. I was good then but not now!
12/08/19 at 01:11am

I gotta say Season 2 is much better than the first one. The show is definitely maturing with potential to get much darker than the original. I would really love that. It is still playing a little safe but venturing into getting darker, and with that getting much more entertaining. I hope it makes it season 3... It could still surprise us.
11/07/19 at 09:48am

Loved the original show... gave this one a fair chance watched half of the first season and i hate it so much it is the worst. They took something that was awesome and completely ruined it. They could have done so much with it but they are gullible and predictable and in my opinion whiny little babies. I am completely disappointed in something that I was looking so forward to. Im just going to rewatch the original instead of the new one.
10/26/19 at 07:12pm

I can't believe what they are doing to this show.
The writers are awful. There is sooo much potential for this show, but they wrote the characters so gullable and predictable. They are careless and lack so much confidence.
If this keeps up there won't be a season 3.
I hate the writers for doing this because I do want the show to succeed.
10/23/19 at 07:17pm

Huge fan of original own the whole series and loved it. I was not sure Id like the new one but I love the way they have not tried to do the same prue,piper, phoebe and done something different. Interesting and fun. Love it
05/29/19 at 11:00pm

I see a lot of hate and comments about diehard fans of the original hating this show. As someone who has willingly watched the entire original series multiple times in her life and is totally in love with it, I really love this remake. Seriously. There's so many little comparisons like Maggie is phoebe and even dates a demon.. mel is piper and macy is pru. I absolutely love all the tiny bits that I've caught on to that are nods to the original series whether intentional or otherwise and I cannot wait to see season 2 on Netflix. You guys rocked this.
01/02/19 at 09:42am

12/10/18 at 03:50pm

Watched 2 episodes so far. No one should expect this show to be comparable to the original, can't be done ... love it or leave it and quit ur whinning ...

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