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Mar 11, 2018 - May 27, 2018




Drama / Crime




Cameron - Jack Cutmore-ScottKay - Ilfenesh HaderaDina - Lenora CrichlowMike - Amaury NolascoJordan - Justin ChonDeakins - Laila RobinsGunter - Vinnie Jones

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A drama following a star magician who uses his skills of illusion to the assist the FBI.

Superstar magician Cameron Black is a master of illusion whose career ends up ruined because of a scandal. In order to keep practicing his art of deception and influence, he offers his services to the FBI as an unconventional way to help the government catch some of the world's most-elusive criminals.

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09/29/18 at 02:24pm

Although I hate "Super Criminals" in most TV shows (I feel they have destroyed several good shows e.g.; Bones, The Mentalist) this one had the potential for a lasting, entertaining show. Alas, we will never know. As soon as I heard it was cancelled, I deleted the last three episodes. From what I have read, I am glad I did.
Rene Pitts
09/26/18 at 06:15am

I can not believe this show is cancelled! This was a good and fun show you can not find a lot of good tv its all reality shows and show that make no sense at all!!
Sorry to see it go
08/03/18 at 07:12pm

Didn't like the premise.
06/27/18 at 10:08pm

Summer time has limits on what good shows are out there for us to watch. The cast was good and I enjoyed the acting but it just did not click. So no season two. MKL&ML
06/09/18 at 08:33am

The season finale was reason enough to cancel the show!!! They could have closed the season with Johnny exonerated and MW going into prison. Instead they made a terrible cliffhanger which left a huge mess. Shame on them!!!
06/02/18 at 06:04pm

Again, another great show canceled by ABC. Gonna boycott ABC and all the advertisers. No more shows on ABC worth watching. This show reminded me of The Mentalist, which was one of my favorites. Gonna just watch Amazon Prime and Netflix and will probably just cut the cable.
06/01/18 at 07:12am

ABC programming execs, YOU SUCK at your jobs. Almost all the comments about this show are positive. It was an enjoyable show I could watch with my 10 year old, and we all enjoyed it and looked forward to it. Give a show a chance! Now you have a new show called Take Two that is the same concept except you swapped out a male magician for a female who played a cop on TV. Really?
05/31/18 at 11:24am

Good show, shame they cancel all the good stuff and the other stay on air. BTW,if they cancel a show could they at least provide us with a nice ending, this is the ending for a returning show.
05/30/18 at 05:44pm

Why are all the best shows cancelled! Deception had a different formula and not the same old, same old story line. Maybe some of the executives at ABC should be cancelled as they can't tell good from bad.
05/29/18 at 11:41am

I enjoyed this show. Disappointed to see it was canceled.

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