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Sep 14, 2018






June - Maya RudolphOscar - Fred Armisen

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A dramedy following a married couple whose lives change after they find themselves in an unexpected situation.

Oscar and June are a comfortably-married couple living a fairly predictable life in the suburbs of Riverside, California. For over a decade they've talked about the same things, eaten the same meals, and vacationed at the same lake house.

But after June talks Oscar into trying something different and taking a ski trip, the two find themselves in completely unfamiliar territory that raises new questions about love, marriage, and commitment.

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01/16/19 at 02:06pm

Not at all what I was expecting, but strangely mesmerizing. It’s less a show and more a journey. Much like life, you’re not sure where it’s headed, but the unknown is intriguing. It raises questions, answers some, and really makes you think. You bring yourself to the show, so no two viewers are going to get the same out of it. Give it 3 episodes, you may find yourself enjoying the journey too.

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