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Mar 21, 2018 - Aug 14, 2019








Seg-El - Cameron CuffeAdam - Shaun SiposLyta - Georgina CampbellNyssa-Vex - Wallis Day

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A drama following life on the famous doomed planet 200 years before Superman's birth.

On planet Krypton, 200 years before the birth of Kal-El, there was his grandfather Seg-El. He is the son of a disgraced scientist whose time travel research has cost the family their standing in society.

With the House of El having fallen from grace, a power struggle ignites between the planet's elite classes. Things get worse when a hero arrives from the future with bad news regarding the family's bloodline.

Comments (5)

01/24/22 at 06:23pm

This was such an amazing show, please bring it back. I have not enjoyed a show this much since the Stargate series...
08/28/19 at 10:14pm

Aw man I just got into it this sucks
08/06/19 at 06:39pm

Can DC take KRYPTON off Syfy please? No one ******* watches that channel anymore and they know it. And who the *** at Syfy decided to air the second season during summer? ******* morons. Move this show to a streaming app people actually use. Cable is dying and Syfy is the first to go.
Marc winters
05/16/18 at 05:53am

Nice Serie i lovit
John Randolph
03/26/18 at 03:40pm

Very little zip. Hard to follow the storyline.

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