New Amsterdam

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Sep 25, 2018 - Jan 17, 2023




Drama / Medical




Dr. Goodwin - Ryan EggoldDr. Sharpe - Freema AgyemanDr. Bloom - Janet MontgomeryDr. Pearson - Jocko SimsDr. Kapoor - Anupam KherDr. Frome - Tyler LabineDr. Wilder - Sandra Mae Frank

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A medical drama following a doctor working to revitalize a once-great hospital.

Max Goodwin is a brilliant doctor who is the hospital's newest medical director. Wanting to disrupt the status quo, he sets out to bypass bureaucracy and focus on providing patients with exceptional care.

Dr. Goodwin will stop at nothing to revive this underfunded and understaffed institution, which is the world's only facility capable of treating Ebola patients, inmates from Rikers Island, and the president of the United States all under one roof.

Comments (51)

05/31/23 at 11:38pm

I just watched the series finale. It was a great story with a glimpse into what made central characters become doctors. Nice ending to a good show.
01/20/23 at 11:17pm

I'm not sure why people hated the finale so much. I didn't mind it. Not that the show has been my favorite, but I felt they handled the finale well.
01/20/23 at 07:01pm

I agree, the final episode was absolute dog crap. its like the writers just gave up and told the janitor to make the script and they ran with it. This series started off so amazingly, then its just got worse and worse when season 4 and 5 came out. I will never watch this series ever again or mention it to anyone.
01/18/23 at 04:17pm

The finale was the most boring show I have ever sat thru. I loved this show until this last season. I should have just deleted the finale and not lost that hour of my life!
Garbage Gone
11/04/22 at 09:00am

I LOVED this show when it first started but like all good shows the pink hair skinny jeans started to put their personal feelings over a good show and here we are today with this garbage gone. The Roe episode just showed truly how stupid they are with the slow mo cup drop and crap acting like the whole world is upset libs cant murder anymore
10/26/22 at 08:34pm

I was okay with the cancelation after the 3-year pickup. However, year 5 returns us to the New Amsterdam that we all fell in love with. I wish they would now cancel the cancelation.
03/26/22 at 08:27pm

Well I'm not happy with the Breaks and No ReCap lost interest
03/07/22 at 07:39pm

This show has gone down hill so much. What made me quit is the now inconsistent tv scheduling, taking off thanksgiving and all of December, comes back for like 4 episodes in January but with no recap just acting as if people have been watching nothing else but this. The takes off pretty much all of February until the 22nd for one episode then once again they say "We're going off their air until the end of April". NO explanation of any kind! How are people so post to remember what the hell is going on when you show a new episode every 2 months or so?. NO thank you, I can understand why others have quit but this was my reason for quitting. Very Inconsistent Scheduling!
01/13/22 at 10:03am

I really must agree. The first couple of seasons of this show were really good.... but then AWOKE HAPPENED!!! Hey writers, producers and actors... let's make sure we include every single type of group we possibly can and make sure that the whole world knows just how WOKE we are!!! Every show must now have the stupidest, most ridiculous plot we can come up with so we can make sure we include BLM, LGBQT, ect. ad nausium. I really hope this show gets cancelled. I am so sick of HOLLYWEIRD pushing their left wing agenda BS every chance they get. Do you think I'll watch another episode of this crap? NO WAY! I'd rather go clean the driveway and watch the water evaporate!
09/09/21 at 08:51pm

What happened to this show? Did all the good writers with good ideas leave? This show is on its way out from our DVR schedule!

Max Goodwin, who should have a noteworthy education and intellectual sophistication is turning into a clown: chemical spills... saving the planet one pair of gloves at a time... changing the hospital's name (and calling a board meeting for this!!!)... WHO is writing this stuff??

AND: I'm not a prude, but I am a realist: lesbians, gays, a doctor affected by dwarfism, BLM, a doctor with androgynous traits, another doc who is now discovering her Islamic faith, two moms, two dads, ... Did we cover everybody?... Are all the boxes checked for inclusivity? Pandering much?... C'mon! keep it real. I'm afraid that the common sense went out of the window together with the writing skills and good ideas.

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