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Sep 25, 2018 - Present




Drama / Medical


Dr. Goodwin - Ryan EggoldDr. Sharpe - Freema AgyemanDr. Bloom - Janet MontgomeryDr. Pearson - Jocko SimsDr. Kapoor - Anupam KherDr. Frome - Tyler Labine

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A medical drama following a doctor working to revitalize a once-great hospital.

Max Goodwin is a brilliant doctor who is the hospital's newest medical director. Wanting to disrupt the status quo, he sets out to bypass bureaucracy and focus on providing patients with exceptional care.

Dr. Goodwin will stop at nothing to revive this underfunded and understaffed institution, which is the world's only facility capable of treating Ebola patients, inmates from Rikers Island, and the president of the United States all under one roof.

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03/26/22 at 08:27pm

Well I'm not happy with the Breaks and No ReCap lost interest
03/07/22 at 07:39pm

This show has gone down hill so much. What made me quit is the now inconsistent tv scheduling, taking off thanksgiving and all of December, comes back for like 4 episodes in January but with no recap just acting as if people have been watching nothing else but this. The takes off pretty much all of February until the 22nd for one episode then once again they say "We're going off their air until the end of April". NO explanation of any kind! How are people so post to remember what the hell is going on when you show a new episode every 2 months or so?. NO thank you, I can understand why others have quit but this was my reason for quitting. Very Inconsistent Scheduling!
01/13/22 at 10:03am

I really must agree. The first couple of seasons of this show were really good.... but then AWOKE HAPPENED!!! Hey writers, producers and actors... let's make sure we include every single type of group we possibly can and make sure that the whole world knows just how WOKE we are!!! Every show must now have the stupidest, most ridiculous plot we can come up with so we can make sure we include BLM, LGBQT, ect. ad nausium. I really hope this show gets cancelled. I am so sick of HOLLYWEIRD pushing their left wing agenda BS every chance they get. Do you think I'll watch another episode of this crap? NO WAY! I'd rather go clean the driveway and watch the water evaporate!
09/09/21 at 08:51pm

What happened to this show? Did all the good writers with good ideas leave? This show is on its way out from our DVR schedule!

Max Goodwin, who should have a noteworthy education and intellectual sophistication is turning into a clown: chemical spills... saving the planet one pair of gloves at a time... changing the hospital's name (and calling a board meeting for this!!!)... WHO is writing this stuff??

AND: I'm not a prude, but I am a realist: lesbians, gays, a doctor affected by dwarfism, BLM, a doctor with androgynous traits, another doc who is now discovering her Islamic faith, two moms, two dads, ... Did we cover everybody?... Are all the boxes checked for inclusivity? Pandering much?... C'mon! keep it real. I'm afraid that the common sense went out of the window together with the writing skills and good ideas.
06/30/21 at 05:46pm

Have to deal with it y'all; it's been renewed through season 5. This was just season 3.
05/31/21 at 10:51am

Just getting caught up on episodes. Have been getting tired of the political crap, but overlooked it. Getting tired of the multiple homosexual relationships, but overlooking it. Then you go off and totally and completely and thoroughly insult the viewers with chief medical director would actually go floor by floor, ALONE, with a sledge hammer, opening up walls, to find the origin of a TOXIC CHEMICAL SPILL!!! But wait, there’s more insult, he finds it on the top floor, an abandoned floor, sees the chemicals spewing out of a pipe and takes off his hoodie and wraps it around the pipe, leaves his cellphone in the pocket, then sees flooded floors with toxic chemicals, doesn’t leave to get hazmat. But wait, there’s even more idiotic insult...this chief medical director, grabs the spewing pipe that has burst and spraying even more toxic chemicals everywhere and hollers for help. SERIOUSLY???? That was on top of the ER director had been spewed with the chemical and refusing to go through a detox shower...dumbazzes. Not even halfway through episode and I’ve turned it off and never watching this show again. Irritating and RIDICULOUS!!!!
05/19/21 at 02:24pm

First two seasons of the show was pretty good now at the political BS I am no longer watching. I hope it gets canceled
05/16/21 at 03:57am

What happened to this show??? It’s used to be decent and I know shows take current events and can occasionally write episodes surrounding those events. However, this isn’t occasionally. It’s ever episode and if they don’t stop I’m done and I think the show will be done!!! If I wanted to watch non-fiction, I’d watch a documentary. The world is really a messed up place right now and I use tv as an escape, for entertainment. I don’t want to be reminded about every little thing that’s wrong with the world. I want to be entertained! While this is by far and away the worst when it comes to this. There are many, many shows that are doing this now and if you don’t want to watch these, the only other choice is “reality” tv. I can only stomach so much to spend time with my daughter who likes that stuff. So I’m basically left with fantasy/sci-fi/super heroes. However, I can only watch so much of that as well. Also, some of those shows are now including some of this stuff or going way over the top. Please bring this show back to what it the cliff hanger one season where you didn’t know who dies after that horrible accident. I think we all knew it was Max’s wife, but the point is. It was a prime time evening soap opera surrounding doctors and nurses not a PBS special. Enough, please!!!
05/12/21 at 06:24pm

I used to love this show but unfortunately, it seems that every episode now has some political agenda. It's very disappointing as it moved away from character development to terrible story lines.
05/12/21 at 03:16pm

This show is becoming a joke! Max has lost his mind and the storylines have become stupid. I miss Kapoor!!!

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