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New Amsterdam

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Sep 25, 2018 - Present




Drama / Medical


Dr. Goodwin - Ryan EggoldDr. Sharpe - Freema AgyemanDr. Bloom - Janet MontgomeryDr. Pearson - Jocko SimsDr. Kapoor - Anupam KherDr. Frome - Tyler Labine

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A medical drama following a doctor working to revitalize a once-great hospital.

Max Goodwin is a brilliant doctor who is the hospital's newest medical director. Wanting to disrupt the status quo, he sets out to bypass bureaucracy and focus on providing patients with exceptional care.

Dr. Goodwin will stop at nothing to revive this underfunded and understaffed institution, which is the world's only facility capable of treating Ebola patients, inmates from Rikers Island, and the president of the United States all under one roof.

Comments (45)

05/07/21 at 08:48am

This show is at the bottom of all the medical shows! It used to be okay but now it's mostly political. It has become boring and I'm not watching anymore.
05/05/21 at 04:21pm

Lost me and everyone I know with the political BS
Cancel it don't cancel it.. doesn't matter we'll never tune in again
05/02/21 at 04:54am

I’m done with this show. Ref the other ppls posts about this show being turned in to a political thing.
04/22/21 at 07:44am

After last weeks show with two guys rolling around in bed, no thanks this show sucks and I hope it gets cancelled.
Ralph Erickson
04/16/21 at 09:22am

I really liked this show the first two seasons but now it has turned into another "look at me I'm woke" joke! Guess that is what they want but not me. I assume it will be cancelled soon.
04/15/21 at 11:05pm

I am quitting this show immediately. I don't need my television shows throwing politics in my face. I don't like far right or left wing opinions shoved down my throat. Stick with the medical and leave politics out of it.
04/14/21 at 03:53pm

I have to say, I absolutely lived the first 2&1/2 seasons, but now since the break, no thank you. Hollywood needs to stay the hell out of politics. I'm contemplating being done with this show and others bc the Hollywood elite hypocrites think they have some right to push their bs beliefs onto us all. Just do your jobs douchebags.
Gregg Kortepeter
04/07/21 at 06:14pm

I have to agree with Michael 100%. Used to be a great show. I can't wait to see it get cancelled now.
04/07/21 at 05:19pm

I've really enjoyed this show. Good characters, solid acting and excellent writing.

But after the last 2 episodes I gave this show a 1 star and hope it ends up canceled ASAP.

I know that we have suck it up and deal with a bit of Woke in all our shows now but after trashing the police and embracing a terrorist group, I am done with this trash.
01/21/21 at 04:27am

Any ideas about when the show will be back ?

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