Our Cartoon President

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Feb 11, 2018 - Nov 08, 2020






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An animated comedy that takes a look at life in the White House under Donald Trump.

This satirical take on the Trump presidency opens the White House doors to give an all access look at a typical day under the leadership of the 45th President of the United States.

In Trump's world, nobody is safe - from immediate family and confidants to prominent political figures and media members from both parties.

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07/31/19 at 11:36am

As a Canadian, reading the posts on this TV SHOW is disarming... feels like a kindergarten class going at with, shouting at each other: No! Its not me, its You!

Grow up! Its only a TV SHOW!!!!
05/12/19 at 06:14am

“Our Cartoon President” from Stephen Colbert - one of our mental midget late night “comics”. Hard Pass.

“More spoof, less truth”

Yeah. Like you lefties would be able to recognize truth if it slapped you upside your heads.
05/16/18 at 05:18pm

It could only be better if it contained more spoof and less truth.
03/29/18 at 11:53am

LOVE THIS SHOW!!! It's funny. Stephen Colbert did an excellent job! Hope it's around for years and years to come.
02/12/18 at 10:54pm

People are so sensitive and have no sense of humor. I’m a republican. I voted for trump and I’ll vote for him again. I watched this show and thought it was actually pretty funny.
02/12/18 at 08:15pm

People are so uptight. I’m a republican, I voted for Trump, if he runs for re-election I’ll vote for him again. Watched this the other night and thought it was pretty damn funny.
This show sucks
02/11/18 at 09:26pm

Funny how this show agrees with the Liberal agenda so they are saying "what about freedom of speech" but when ANYTHING goes against the agenda they don't want any freedom of speech. Just go to any college where only liberals have free speech..... This show shows why liberals are eating Tide Pods and then need laws in NY to keep the idiots from eating them
02/11/18 at 08:34pm

Thank you Stephen Colbert, this show is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!
Eric Denmark
02/01/18 at 11:55am

What is wrong with you people. Whatever happened to American's having a sense of humor. When did we lose our ability to laugh at ourselves. Besides the current President never seems to Balk at making fun of other people, so why would he have a problem with a little harmless humor at his expense?
01/13/18 at 10:18am

Whatever happened to freedom of speech, and when did American's lose their sense of humor. If the President cannot handle a little satire thrown his way, then maybe he should not be president.

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